Third Grade-Mrs. Tighe

  • Class 3-2

    Class 3-2 wishes Angelina K. a safe trip to her new home and we will all miss her. We had a little celebration today and lost time for math, so no math HW tonight.

     Catholic School Week is coming up Jan. 26th! We have lots of fun activities planned for the week.

    We have a full week ahead... 

    We will be doing "mental math" in math chapter 1. We will be adding in our brains by using different strategies. In religion, we will learn about the Holy Spirit and the Trinity. In science, we will have a test in energy and then start the exciting chapter on weather! In SS, we will be learning more about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and then  we will learn about the beginning of our nation and George Washington. In WW, we will write a descriptive poem about snow and finish the New Year Wish essay. In ELA, we will read a fiction story "Ramona Quimby" about 2 girls that try to cook for their parents. In spelling, we will learn about patterns with th, tch, str, sp words. 

    We will have a book report project for January. It will be about famous African Americans. At home, they will do a timeline and photo. They will do a summary in class.

    We are in need of glue sticks and pens for the class. If possible, please send a package of each. Thank you!!

    Note: For Spelling HW, the children can leave their NB home till they are finished with it for the week. They can do all the assignments posted on the website for the week ahead of time and then hand in NB or hand it in on Friday the latest. 

  • Homework

    Monday:Spelling-- do definitions in NB
                  Math--Ch. 1.3 pg. 21-22 #1-10,1,2
    Reading-- read 20 min.
                   Science-- Test Tomorrow Chap 2 energy
    Tuesday: Spelling-- do sentences in NB
                     Math-- Ch. 1.4 pg. 27-28 #1-6,1,2
                      Reading-- read 20 min.

    Wednesday: Spelling-- do activity in NB
                          Math-- Ch.1.5, pg. 33-34 # 1-6,1,2
                          Reading-- read 20 min.L

    Thursday:   Spelling-- do activity in NB
                         Math- No Math tonight
                         ELA- Reading Comp. Ramona Quimby
     Reading-- read 20 min.
     Friday:        Reading--read 20 min.   

    Spelliing Words: think, switch, stitch, string, flash, shook, brook, cloth, speech, fresh, scratch, splash, strong, stretch, spring
    Bonus: flight, strange

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  • Specials for 3-2

     MONDAY: Media: 9:50
    TUESDAY: Music: 8:25
    WEDNESDAY: Gym: 1:45
    THURSDAY: Art: 1:27
    FRIDAY: Gym: 1:15

  • Absent Notes:

    Please send in a note every time your child is absent so I can put in a legal absence. 
    If your child is going to a club or going home a different way--please send in a note, No Emails
    Thank You!