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  • Work to be Emailed to Me

    Week of March 16:
    Math Test- Ch. 9, Leprechaun Story, equivalent Fractions sheets, Guide Dogs or Wind in the Pines summary sheet, How Govern. Works sheet,  Family Life Unit 1 Test
    Week of March 23:
     Math- HW pg. 565-566, 571-572,577-578, make a clock with a paper plate,
    Relig.- pg. 345 puzzle,
    WW-Spring acrostic poem illus it too,
    Edgar Eddington egg story and decorated egg,  Chinese Folktale
    ELA- Readers' NB pg. 57puzzle, summary sheet from reader either Monarchs, Daffodils, or Stinky Skunk
    Family Life- review test #2 on looseleaf
    Week of March 30:
    Relig.- 3 Holy Days illus. and description underneath on paper
    Science- pic of sorted rocks or pic of pg. 154
                    pic of a backbone you made
    ELA- pg. 109-110 i n Readers' NB
    Spelling- put 8 words in a paragraph
    Family Life- drawing of a flower with the 5 parts of a flower labeled and colored
    Math- the 2 clock review worksheets listed under my Resources box, pg.597-598, pg.603-604, pg. 609-610
    SS- China Unit test
    Week of April 6:
    Math- pg. 615-616 #1-6,1,2, Review Test of Chap 10 pg 617-620 #1-12 only
    Family Life- draw a mammal being cared for by parents and write ans to pg. 42 under your picture.
    Family Life- Unit 3 review test pg. 43-44 on loose leaf
    WW/Science- color, cut and paste dragonfly on paper and insert its environment around it and write your Haiku Poem under it.
    WW- Easter acrostic poem and decorate it
    Week of April 20:
    WW-- What you did Easter break paragraph on LL
    Diamante poem on Earth, New Insect description with picture on magnifier sheet (under resources) and picture of model insect
    Math-- pg. 629-300 #1-4,1,2, pg. 635-636 #1-5,1,2, pg. 641-642 #1-4,1,2, Perimeter Sheet with ruler and Perimeter Sheet with units (under resources)
    Family LIfe-- picture of what you need to care for plants, picture of vegs/fruits you eat and prayer to God thanking Him for them.
    SS-- Canada flag and crest colored, Canada map labeled with provinces, territories and oceans ( in Canada packet #1)
    ELA-- Readers' NB pg. 95-96
    Religion-- activities pg. 160-161
    Science-- Words to Know sheet on classifyng animals - under resources
    Week of April 27:
    WW--Canadian Animal Shape poem
    Math--multiplication worksheet, Ch. 11.4 pg. 647-648 #1-7,1,2, Ch. 11.5 pg. 653-654 #1-6,1,2, Ch.11.6 pg. 659-660 #1-5,1,2, Area Riddles Worksheet, Connect Dot area worksheet, Unit square worksheet
    Science-- Words to Know sheet Offspring
    ELA-- Readers' NB pg. 123-124, Spelling words in sentences with adverbs
    Religion-- pg. 167 ad for messenger
    Family Life-- dream garden for wildlife, Unit 4 test
    Week of May 4:
    WW--Mother's Day essay, Missionary Poem for Essential Workers
    Math-- Division sheet, Mid-Chapter Checkpoint pg. 661-662, pg. 673-674 #1-5,1,2, pg. 679-680 #1-4,1,2, pg. 625-626 #1-5,1,2
    ELA-- Readers' NB pg. 137-138, 15 spelling words with adverbs in individual sentences
    Science- Words to Know Sheet on Life Cycles, Chapter 4 Test, Life Cycle of a Butterfly with pasta on a plate project
    Family Life--Top 10 List of healthy habits for 3rd graders
    Religion-- Fish symbol sheet with prayer for priests and deacons
    Week of May 11:
    WW-- Letter to Mary asking questions on Jesus with Our Lady of Guadalupe pic colored
    Math--multiplication sheet 7,8,9, Math test Ch. 11, HW 12.1 pg. 701-702 #1-7,1,2, HW 12.2 pg. 707-708 #1-6,1,2
    ELA--Readers' NB pg. 151, contraction sheet
    Relig.-- pic. of the Rosary labeled
    Family Life-- unit 5 test, Top 10 Healthy rules list for school community
    Week of May 18:
    Math--HW 12.3 pg. 713-714 #1-6,1,2, HW 12.4 pg. 719-720 #1-8,1,2, HW 12.5 pg. 727-728 #1-7,1,2, HW Mid Chap. Checkpt. pg. 721-722
    ELA--Readers' NB pg. 160
    Family Life-- Reveiw of the Year test pg. 69-70
    SS-- Canada Unit Test, Mexican Mask, Mexico Packet #1 pg. 9 Neighbor to South Rdg. Comp., 
    Memorial Day Packet Reading Comp. pg.
    Relig.--- Review of Chaps. 9-12 pg. 189-192 JUST the bottom activity on Parishes - send ans on loose leaf, Chap. 13 Review pg. 187-188,  Activity on pg. 217- 3 questions for Msgr. Walden on loose leaf
    Math/Religion/SS Project-- draw a flag or star or flower and create a mosaic using red, white, and blue construction paper cutouts of triangle, rectangles and squares- see pg. 694 in math
    Science-- find variety of leaves in your yard and sort by shape and size, use chart on pg. 185 Leaf Observation Chart to draw leaf collection and 5 ways to sort them.
    Week May 25th:
    Math-- Hw Ch 12.6 pg .733-734 #1-4,1,2, HW Ch. 12.7 pg. 739-740 #1-6,1,2, HW Ch. 12.8 pg. 745-746 #1-3,1,2
    Science-- Words to Know Plants use Leaves
    SS-- Mexico Packet #1 pg.10-11 Farming and Heroes sheet questions, Packet #2 pg. 2 Independence questions, pg. 3 Cinco de Mayo questions
    ELA-- Readers' NB pg. 196
    Spelling-- 8 words in a story on loose leaf
    Relig.-- Ch. 14 Review quiz pg. 221-222, Pentecost Dove project
    WW--Father's Day essay rough to check
    Week of June 1st:
     Math-- Hw Ch. 12.9 pg. 751-752 #1-7,1,2, Space multiplication sheet, Tally Mark Chart Sheet, Math Test Unit 12
    Relig. -- Chap. 15 Review quiz pg. 233-234
    Science-- Words to Know- Flowers and Conifers sheet, Science Test Chap. 3 Plants
    Spelling-- 8 compound words in a story on loose leaf
    Week of June 8th:
    SS-- Mexico Unit Test
    ELA/WW-- Father's Day essay and Ice Cream with Jesus paragraph

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