Third Grade-Mrs. Tighe

  • Homework

    Parents please tear out the first page in your child's agenda and sign it stating you looked over the digital school handbook. It allows us to post your child's picture on the website without their name. If you do not want your child's picture on the website, please let me know. Thanks.

    Monday:  Math- Ch. 5.5 p. 291-292 #1-16,1,2
                     Spelling- do definitions in NB,                                    use Spelling Connections
                      Read 20 min .

    Tuesday:  Math- Ch. 5 Review Test pg. 293-295                        # 1-7 only
                      Spelling- do sentences in NB
                      Read 20 min.

    Wednesday: Math- Ch. 5 Review Test pg. 295-                                   298 #9,11,12,14,15
                        Spelling - do activity in NB
                        ELA- do RR #6 on LL or classkick
                        Read 20 min.

     Thursday: Math- NO Math HW
                       Spelling - do activity in NB
                       ELA- Reading Comp. on Illustrators                            Read 20 min.

     Friday:  Read 20 min.
                     Science- test on Ch. 1 Monday

    Spelling Words: state, face, pave, flame, skate, plane, slide, size, prize, smile, close, globe, smoke, broke, stone
    Bonus: erase, scene

  • Work to be torn out of books and sent in...

    Week of 

    Please clip together all the pages for each subject.  Put them in your child's Take Home Folder.



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  • Specials for 3-2

    Guidance Google Classroom: sgpbygo
    MONDAY: Media: 9:35-- code ossfboc
    SDAY: Music: 8:25 --code 5yvms57
    WEDNESDAY: Gym: 1:05-- codd exawf6x

    THURSDAY: Art: 12:30 -- code pusowdf
    FRIDAY: Gym: 12:30
    Lunch: 11:20-11:54, Recess: 10:45-11:19

  • Absent Notes:

    Anytime your child is absent from class, a note needs to come to school with them when they return. Please no emails. You can email me to let me know what's going on with your child, but an official note on paper from you has to come into school.
    When picking up your child at different times or changing how your child goes home, please use the Pickup Patrol App the school is using to keep track of where the children are going at the end of the day.
  • Recess

    For indoor recess, please send your child in with a small toy, bag of legos or kinex, playdoh, puzzle, puzzle book, drawing book, painting book, cards, small dolls, matchbox cars-- in a bag with your child's name on it, so they can play at their desk. They cannot leave their desk or share their toys at recess.