Third Grade-Mrs. Tighe

  • Class 3-2

    I hope  you are all enjoying your winter weekend.

    We will have our Publishing Party for Our Holiday Hero on Tuesday, Oct. 10th at 10 am. All are welcome to come and hear our authors!!

    Teacher-Parent Conferences are Wed. and Thurs. after school--1/2 day both days!!

    Congratuations Class 3-2 and 3-1: We raised $180 for UNICEF!!

    December Book Report - wrapped FLAT box/cardboard 11x14 size and b/w copy of front cover of book due Dec. 9th. All writing will be done in class and the copy of the cover will be colored in class too.

    We have a full week ahead... 

    In math, we will continue Chap. 7 and do more on division of 2,10,5, and 3. In science, we will continue sound energy.  In SS, we will learn about the early French explorers. In religion, we will learn about the season of Advent. In WW, we will present our hero for the holidays and a pie recipe for holidays. We will finish the Advent poem and start the First Christmas news story and work on book project summaries. In spelling, we will review spelling patterns from Units 7-11 with 15 review words.

    Note: For Spelling HW, the children can leave their NB home till they are finished with it for the week. They can do all the assignments posted on the website for the week ahead of time and then hand in NB or hand it in on Friday the latest. 

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  • Homework

    Monday:Spelling-- do sentences in NB
                  Math--Ch.   7.5, pg393-394 #1-19,1,2 
         Reading-- read 20 min.
    Tuesday: Spelling-- do activity in NB
                     Math-- Ch. 7.6 pg 399-400 #1-19,1,2
                     Reading-- read 20 min.
                    ELA-- RR#10

    Wednesday: Spelling-- do activity in NB
                          Math-- Ch. 7.7pg. 407-408 #1-19,1,2
                          Reading-- read 20 min.

    Thursday:   Spelling-- do 5x each in NB
                         Math- Ch. 7.8 pg.413-414 #1-19,1,2
     Reading-- read 20 min.
                         ELA-- Reading comp. sheet Yonder                                      Mountain
     Friday:        Reading--read 20 min.   

    Spelliing Words: fellow, bead, creep, bait, bail, sway, stripe, bind, cream, brave, grove, rind, sold, thigh, groan  (ONLY 15 WORDS THIS WEEK

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     MONDAY: Media: 9:50
    TUESDAY: Music: 8:25
    WEDNESDAY: Gym: 1:45
    THURSDAY: Art: 1:27
    FRIDAY: Gym: 1:15

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    Please send in a note every time your child is absent so I can put in a legal absence. 
    If your child is going to a club or going home a different way--please send in a note, No Emails
    Thank You!