Third Grade-Mrs. Tighe

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    I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We have a full week ahead and the last round of IOWAs on Monday.  We will have our Halloween Party on Tuesday, October 29th at 10 am. Publishing Party date to come. The Halloween Dance for 3rd grade is Oct. 24th from 5 to 6 pm in Canning Hall.

    We have a busy week ahead... 
    We have IOWA tests on Monday and these are the listening tests. Please have your child get a good night's sleep and a good breakfast. Bring in 2 #2 pencils too.
    In math, we will be finding unknown factors in multiplication and doing different strategies to do the 10x tables in Chap. 5. In science, we will learn about light energy. In SS, we will learn about the 5 regions of the U.S. and their climate and ecosystems. In religion, we will learn about the 4 types of prayer and create our own prayer and review for a unit test. In ELA, we will read the fiction story "Harvest Birds" a folktale about nature and man can work together. In spelling, we will have words that have long a and i sounds.
    In WW, we will finish up our Halloween stories and our October book project summaries.

    Note: For Spelling HW, the children can leave their NB home till they are finished with it for the week. They can do all the assignments posted on the website for the week ahead of time and then hand in NB or hand it in on Friday the latest. 

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  • Homework

    Monday: Spelling-- do definitions in NB
                  Math-- Ch. 5.2 p. 271-272  #1-15,1,2
                  Reading-- read 20 min.
    Tuesday: Spelling-- do sentences in NB
                     Math-- Ch. 5.3 p. 279-280 #1-4,1,2 
                      Reading-- read 20 min.

    Wednesday: Spelling-- do an activity in NB
                          Math-- Ch. 5.4 p. 285-286 #1-6,1,2
                          ELA-- Do RR #6 
                           Reading-- read 20 min.

    Thursday: Spelling--do an activity in NB
                         Math-- Ch. 5.5 p. 291-292 #1-11
     Reading-- read 20 min.
    Friday:     Reading-- read 20 min.
    Spelling Words: state, face, pave, flame, skate, plane, slide, size, prize, smile, close, globe, smoke, broke, stone
    Bonus: erase, scene


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  • Specials for 3-2

     MONDAY: Media: 9:50
    TUESDAY: Music: 8:25
    WEDNESDAY: Gym: 1:45
    THURSDAY: Art: 1:27
    FRIDAY: Gym: 1:15

  • Absent Notes:

    Please send in a note every time your child is absent so I can put in a legal absence. 
    If your child is going to a club or going home a different way--please send in a note, No Emails
    Thank You!