Third Grade-Mrs. Tighe  3-2

  • With snow in the forecast, we be doing remote learning tomorrow. Please check my Google Classroom for a post on the information for the day. The children will have to join my Google Meet by 8:30 tomorrow. We will be doing some lessons together and some on their own.
     We will have our Chinese New Year/Valentine Celebration on Feb. 27 with Mr. B's class. We have a book report due 2/26 on famous African Americans. Everyone was assigned a person.

    We have a fun and busy week ahead. In math, we will be doing more adding with regrouping and breaking apart numbers in Chap. 9. In religion, we will learn about St. Valentine's life and also learn about Lent and Ash Wednesday. In SS, we will continue with learning about the 3 levels of government. In science, we will learn more about climate. In WW, we are working on a Valentine poem and doing some reading comp. stories. In ELA, we will read "Running Rivals", a realistic fiction.

    We have a peanut allergy in our classroom. Please NO Peanut items for snack in classroom. Students can have peanuts in cafeteria for lunch.
     We will be communicating through Google Classroom.

    Snow Days: Please remember that we will be going live via Google Meet in the event of a snow day. In order to access this, go to Google Classroom and select "Join" under the Google Meet heading. I will also send an invite to the meeting.
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  •     Schedule of Supplies

      Monday:       Math- Ch.9.2 pg. 111-112
                            Spelling- do definitions
                            Reading- read 20 min.   

     Tuesday:      Math- Ch 9.3 pg. 113-114
                           Spelling- do sentences
                            Reading: read 20 min.   

    Wednesday: Math- Ch. 9.4 pg. 115-116
                           Spelling- do activity
                             Reading- read 20 min.

     Thursday:  Math-Ch. 9.5 pg. 117-118
                        Spelling- do activity

    Friday:   Reading- read 20 min. Book report due 2/26

    pelling: Unit 19 story, core, north, board, roar, corner, warm, score, glory, forget, before, thorn, tore, order, war Bonus: forest, hoarse

  • Specials for 3-2


    MONDAY: Media: 9:07-9:47
    TUESDAY: Music: 9:07-9:47

    WEDNESDAY: Gym: 1:45-2:05
    THURSDAY: Art: 12:45-1:25
    FRIDAY: Gym: 1:15-1:45
    Lunch: 11:06-11:33 
    Recess: 11:35-11:53

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    You can contact me at the school email:
    or post a question on my Google Classroom

  • Absent Notes:

    Anytime your child is absent from class, a note needs to come to school with them when they return. Please no emails. You can email me to let me know what's going on with your child, but an official note on paper from you has to come into school.