Third Grade-Mrs Cerasoli

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  • Specials schedule

    Monday:  Media
    Tuesday:  Music
    Wednesday:  Art
    Thursday:  Gym
    Friday:  Gym

  • Welcome to 3-1!

    Welcome to a new school year! I have the pleasure of being the new 3rd grade teacher at St. Patrick School.  I am a graduate of St. Joseph's College with 4 certifications in general and special education, and just completed my Master's degree in Literacy. This will be my 6th year teaching 3rd grade. Previously, I was blessed to have worked at Our Lady of Mercy School in Cutchogue, and St. Joseph School in Ronkonkoma. I am so grateful to be giving the opportunity to join the St. Patrick School community, and look forward to having a wonderful school year with both you and your child.  
    Hope you're all enjoying the last few weeks of summer!

    Some favorites of mine:

    Food:  Pizza
    Drink:  Coffee
    Book:  Anything by Mo Willems
    Color: Purple
    Movie:  Young Frankenstein
    Candy:  Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
    Season:  Fall
    Family:  3 children & 1 dog
  • Homework

    Monday, 12/2:
    Math - 6.8 front and back
    ELA - Vocabulary flash cards
    Read 20 minutes
    Tuesday, 12/3:
    Math -  6.9 front and back
    ELA -  Vocabulary sentences
    Read 20 minutes

    Wednesday, 12/4:
    Math -  
    ELA - Vocabulary words
    Read for your book report
    Record reading on your reading log

    Thursday, 12/5:
    Math - 
    ELA -  Vocabulary practice quiz
    Study vocabulary words
    Read 20 minutes

    Friday, 12/6:  
    Friday folder
    Read 20 minutes

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