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  • Welcome to the Wonderful World of Nursery

     Mrs. Giarmoleo's Nursery Class - N2
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  • Welcome to Nursery-2

    I cannot believe it's here already! I feel like it was just yesterday these Littles were showing up for their First Day of school!  I hope the children enjoyed the year as much as I did!

    Monday 6/10 Our last full day of school! It is a regular day with 8:30am arrival and 2:30pm dismissal.  We did not send the sleep mats home Friday to be washed as Monday is the last day they will use them. They will all be sent home tomorrow.  Tomorrow is our ice cream party! Thank you to all who volunteered to send in items for the party.

    We will be sending home their sleep mats, change of clothes and their end of the year portfolio, projects, progress report and the T-Shirt they must wear to the extravaganza. Please check our child's backpack Monday evening.

    Tuesday 6/11 It is a 10:30am dismissal for the school wide BBQ. Please come to the back door at 10:30am to get your child. You may then take them right to the field and they can use the bounce houses.  If you have prepaid for lunch, it will be available after 11am. Please remember to bring chairs, games and wear sunscreen. You are welcome to bring your own lunch if you have not prepaid for lunch.  I have all the forms as to who will be attending the BBQ with their child. I will send out emails tomorrow reminding parents of the plans they indicated on the dismissal form. There was the choice to take your child with you at 1:30 after the BBQ or to have them return to class for an hour before dismissal. No child may attend the BBQ without adult supervision. You will sign your child out with me at 10:30 and then return them to the classroom at 1:30pm if they are staying.

     Wednesday, 6/12 is our Early Childhood Extravaganza. Children should arrive PROMPTLY at 8:30am at our backdoor wearing their Extravaganza T-Shirt.  After dropping your child off, you may go around to the front lobby doors where you will be admitted by Security.  The show is in the gym.  If you are looking at the stage, our class will be seated on the right side of the stage. If you have multiple children in the show, they have been arranged to sit with their class but will be close to the center of the stage to make taking pictures easier.  After the show, we will dismiss the children directly to you in the gym. Light refreshments will be served.


    ****We will be spending a lot of time outside, please make sure your child comes to school wearing sunscreen****

    June 10- N-2 End of the Year Ice Cream Party

    June 11- LAST DAY of Nursery

    June 12- Early Childhood Extravaganza! 

    Sneakers are the ONLY shoes allowed in school. Boots, crocs, and sandals are unsafe. We had several children wearing those last week and they fell often on the playground.

    Have a great week!





  • Nursery Supply List 

    • Gallon Ziploc Bags (1 box)
    • Sandwhich size ziploc bags (1 box)
    • Tissues (2 boxes)
    • Baby Wipes (1 Pack)
    • Lysol Disinfectant Wipes ( 1 container)
    • Pump Hand Soap (1 bottle)
    • Paper towels (2 rolls) 
    • 3 Wallet size photos of your child and 1 family picture

    * Please put all the above supplies in an X-Large Ziploc and write your child’s name on it. 

    • Regular size backpack ( please put your child’s name on it)
    • A reusable water bottle with your child’s name on it that will be kept out in the classroom and sent home each day for cleaning
    • A change of clothes including socks and underwear to be kept in your child’s backpack
    • Beach towel (for your child to sit on when outdoors)