Nursery - Mrs. Giarmoleo

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     Mrs. Giarmoleo's Nursery Class - N2
     Teacher Assistants

    Mrs. Carpanzano
    Miss Parmentier
  • Focus Wall

    Week of January 30, 2023
    Happy Catholic Schools Week!
    No Letter of the Week
    Number- 5
    Shape- Rectangle
    Color- Blue
    Religion- My Family Visits
    Science- Artic Animals
    Math- 1 to 1 correspondance and number recognition
    Events for Catholic Schools Week:
    Monday- Country and Western Dress 
    Tuesday- Dress in Blue!
    Wednesday- Decade Day, Scavenger Hunt, Carvel Ice Cream Day!
    Thursday- PJ and Movie Day
    Friday- Half Day, 11am Dismissal


    NO Stuffed animals from home are allowed in school.  We are trying to prevent them from being lost or filled with germs.
    We will be using the playground daily.  Please make sure your child wears their sneakers to school.  It is becoming very time consuming to change their shoes before we go outside.
    Crocs are NOT allowed.  Our playground time is at 10am and its geting chilly!  Please send your child with a sweatshirt.

    Half Day Students attend 8:30am- 11am.
    Full Day Students attend 8:30am-2:30pm

    Snack will be provided daily.  

    N-2 has an Instagram page. I post pictures of the children throughout the day.  Join our class at stpatrickn.2

    Class information and updates are posted here weekly.  Daily updates and reminders are posted on Bloomz.  Information on joining Bloomz was included in the red orientation folder.  Please join as soon as possible so you will see all the information needed to start the school year.

  • Nursery Supply List 

    • Gallon Ziploc Bags (1 box)
    • Tissues (2 boxes)
    • Baby Wipes (1 Pack)
    • Lysol Disinfectant Wipes ( 1 container)
    • Pump Hand Soap (1 bottle)
    • Paper towels (2 rolls) 
    • 3 Wallet size photos of your child and 1 family picture

    * Please put all the above supplies in an X-Large Ziploc and write your child’s name on it. 

    • Regular size backpack ( please put your child’s name on it)
    • A reusable water bottle with your child’s name on it that will be kept out in the classroom and sent home each day for cleaning
    • A change of clothes including socks and underwear to be kept in your child’s backpack
    • Beach towel (for your child to sit on when outdoors)