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     Mrs. Giarmoleo's Nursery Class - N2
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    Mrs. Carpenzano
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  • Welcome to Nursery-2

    Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day falls on Ash Wednesday.  As per school guidelines, there are no class celebrations on Ash Wednesday or during Lent.  Birthday parties are an exception.  We will have our class Valentine Party on Tuesday, 2/13. Please send in supplies on Tuesday.  If your child would like to pass out Valentines, they are welcome to do so.  We have 14 children in the class.  Plese do not address the Valentines, just sign your child's name.


    Focus of Week of February 12, 2024

    Religion- Valentine's Day.  We will discuss the special people in our lives who we love.
    Lent- Father Cona will be coming to give us ashes and to bless the class on Wednesday.  The children will learn that Lent is a time to prepare for Easter.  We will brainstorm ways that the children can serve their families during Lent. The will hear stories daily from the  Children's Bible about Jesus' teachings.


    Letter- Q- Quail and Queen

    Number- 6

    Color- Pink

    Shape- Heart

    Science- We will continue our study of animals in the arctic.  We will conduct experiments to find out how polar bears keep warm and in such a cold environment and how penguins stay dry.  The children will also demonstrate how camouflage helps animals hide in the arctic and why it is needed. Our Tinker Tub for the week will be to build shelter/igloos out of "ice cubes" for polar bears.
    Scholastic- Valentine's Day is for Friends.   

    Our Author of the Month for February is Jaqueline Woodson, celebrating Black History Month.  Please send in a picture of your child that shows something unique to them; a talent, a hobby or activity. Help them to be prepared to talk about thier picture with their classmates.



    STEAM- We will start working with Tinker Tubs.  These are bins filled with a few different types of manipulatives.  The children will use creativity and their imagination to problem solve.  This week will focus on building a shelter/igloo out of "ice cubes" for polar bears.

    Have a great week!


    Weather permitting, we will use the playground, please send your child to schoolwearing sneakers. If we cannot go outside we will play in the gym.  Sneakers ONLY are permitted in the gym.

    Reminder- Please DO NOT send messages through Bloomz about changes to pick up schedules or about absences or general inquiries.  I do NOT get these messages until I leave the building and it is often too late. Email is the best way to send this information to me.

    Friday is Show and Tell, parents will be notified via email if its your child's turn.


  • Nursery Supply List 

    • Gallon Ziploc Bags (1 box)
    • Sandwhich size ziploc bags (1 box)
    • Tissues (2 boxes)
    • Baby Wipes (1 Pack)
    • Lysol Disinfectant Wipes ( 1 container)
    • Pump Hand Soap (1 bottle)
    • Paper towels (2 rolls) 
    • 3 Wallet size photos of your child and 1 family picture

    * Please put all the above supplies in an X-Large Ziploc and write your child’s name on it. 

    • Regular size backpack ( please put your child’s name on it)
    • A reusable water bottle with your child’s name on it that will be kept out in the classroom and sent home each day for cleaning
    • A change of clothes including socks and underwear to be kept in your child’s backpack
    • Beach towel (for your child to sit on when outdoors)