sra. Salazar: Spanish 20-21  6th-8th grade

  • 6th grade News and Homework

    Due 5/12- Please continue working on today's task...better to be ahead :)  I know you can do it   :)  
    Quiz has been moved to Tuesday   :0)

    5/10-There will be a quiz on Monday. Please study.  

    Due 4/30-Complete Los Delfines  Questions-  
    Test on Monday

    Due 4/29- Please make corrections:  
    Hand in original sentences with your corrections (must be stapled) 
    Do not re-translate the corrections
    Only correct the incorrect sentences.
    Make sure the entries are highlighted.
    Remember if you received an INC, this will not change. 

    There is no homework for tonight 4/27

    Due 4/27-Using your dictionary entries, please formulate 10 SIMPLE sentences.
    Only verbs allowed are :  is, son, hay and the  verb tener (conjugated).
    Ex - el libro es rojo  - the book is red
    Highlight the entry  word.   Make sure your name is on the paper.

    Due 4/26-Organize entries-Must have 50 words as discussed in class.  Throughout the year we should have done at least 3 a day. By now we must have a minimum of 50, underline your verbs- ar, -er, and -ir

    Due 4/23-Please study for tomorrow's quiz. 6-2 Please bring in your completed llama.
    Due 4/22- Please complete the llama... can't wait to see it... :) :)  Quiz on Friday...Good luck tomorrow... :0)

    Due 4/21 As we discussed in class, the quiz has been moved to Friday, please continue to review.

    Due 4/20- Please study-There will be a quiz tomorrow. Also,  please bring in your Mini Animal Project

    Due 4/19-Please continue to work on your Animal Performance Task. Remember there's also a Quiz on Tuesday. Review today's notes.

    Due/ -Object Writing Task-Description found in Google Classroom. Please remember you are spelling out the name of animals from our vocabulary list

    4/14-Please complete Pg 3 La Granja handout.  Please start to work on your Animal Project.  

    Due 4/13  La Granja Handout- Pg 2  Match word to picture and in addition color the animals.

    Due 3/31 Please watch video and enjoy :)

    Due 3/24-Please continue to study, there will be a test on Thursday on the country of Argentina...all material is up on Google Classroom; in addition, there has been material given to students.

    3/22-I have uploaded the Messi movie...  we will finish reading the story tomorrow.

    Due 3/22-If you have not finished movie, please watch,   make sure the questions are answered. I will be posting some material over the weekend. Please look out for it. 

    Due 3/18- Please watch the movie up until the point I advised you to... We will review in class...make sure you  answer  the questions as you watch.  

    Due 3/17- I have uploaded the link for the movie we are watching in class.  We will continue to watch in class   Please remember we must be taking notes.  Please note I have updateed one of the questions. This is noted on Google Classroom.

    Due 3/11- Please complete Possessive adjectives handout. Please read first page/watch video and also refer to your initial vocabulary handout (possessive adjectives located in the middle)

    Due 3/10-Please continue to watch videos posted on GC. Review the handouts on Possessive adjectives.  Unit Test is on Monday. Details on Calendar.

    Due 3/9-Please watch the Possessive Adjectives Video and complete the handout.  Watch and stop...take notes as you go along.

    Due 3/3-Please study for tomorrow's quiz.  

    Due 3/2 Please continue to review the family vocabulary/verb tener and subject pronouns. Quiz on Wednesday.

    Due 2/26- Finish conjugation hand :) Review family vocabulary and verb tener. Quiz posted on calendar.

    Due 2/25 Please review and learn the Subject Pronouns we learned in class today.

    2/24-Please complete both handouts. Use full sentences when completing the side on the Royal Family. Watch the video which has been uploaded on Google Classroom.  Review the vocabulary and do not forget to write down the extra vocabulary you come across when watching the video.  :)
  • 7th grade news and Homework

     Due 5-12- Please continue to review for quiz  by using the resources which have been poste on Google Classroom.  There will be a quiz on Monday.

    Due 5/11-Please complete Edpuzzle, and submit both in Edpuzzle and on Google Classroom

    Due 5/7-Please complete the Edpuzzle, make sure you are logged in from your personal account.  
    Also, watch the videos which have been uploaded.

    Due 4/30-Project due tomorrow.

    Due 4/29-Complete La Maleta-make sure all the items inside are labeled; write sentences and make sure proper verbs are used. Must have a minimum of 5 sentences.  
    Finish project-due Friday

    Due 4/28-Please continue to work on your project

    Due 4/27-Please work on your project

    Due 4/26-Study, there is a quiz on Monday

    Due 4/23-Please complete La Ropa activity; including drawing and coloring. Home students; please submit via Google Classroom.  Please remember, there is a quiz on Monday.

    Due 4/22- Please complete the weather handout and review the weather/and clothing handout. There will be a quiz on Monday.

    Due 4/21- Please complete Sudoku
    7-2 complete Drawing :)

    Due  4/20- Please complete Edpuzzle assignment and bring in any magazines you may have laying around the house....  :)
    Due 4/19-  El Tiempo Homework.  Please print out the project handout and templates which will help you with the assignment.  

    due 4/14-Please study-we will be having a unit test tomorrow.

    Due 3/31-Please watch video and enjoy. If you are participating in Kindness activity, thank you. Please see due date.

    Due 3/24- Please continue to review the verb GUSTAR- there is a video posted on GC; please make sure that you watch...this will reinforce what we have been learning in class.  As you know there will be a quiz on Thursday, see calendar for details.  Keep reviewing vocabulary and verbs comer and beber.

    Due 3/23- Las Tres comidas/Please complete by just listing items you like....and please complete the crossword puzzle.  Quiz on Thursday

    Due 3/22-Please complete Sudoku :)

    Due 3/18-Please continue to review vocabulary and verb conjugation.

    Due 3/17- Please complete the handout posted on Google Classroom.

    Due 3/11-Please bring in your Family Tree Project-Do not forget to bring in rubric.  Make sure your name and number is glued/taped on the back of it. 

    Due 3/10-Please watch the videos posted on the website.  Review the Possessive Adjectives handout.  Project is due on Thursday.

    Due 3/9- Please watch the Possessive Adjectives Video
    Project is due on Thursday...please reach out to me if you have any questions.

    Due 3/3-Please continue to review and study.  Organize your notes and review adjectives/uses of verbs and family vocabulary.

    Due 3/2 7-1 Please complete the movie strip handout   Details updated on Google Classroom.
    Continue studying for quiz on Thursday.

    Due 2/26-Complete family tree handout/Brainstrom Family Tree project
    Quiz posted. See Calendar

    Due 2/25-Please complete La Familia Handout, remember to use FULL sentences

    Due 2/24-Please complete the Familia Rara Handout. Remember to make annotations.  Highlight....answer the questions in English using full sentences and draw the family portrait based on the reading.

  • 8th grade News and Homework

      Due 5-12- Please continue to review for quiz  by using the resources which have been poste on Google Classroom.  There will be a quiz on Monday.

    Due 5/11-Please complete Edpuzzle, and submit both in Edpuzzle and on Google Classroom

    Due 5/7-Please complete the Edpuzzle, make sure you are logged in from your personal account.  
    Also, watch the videos which have been uploaded.

    Due 4/29-Please complete and submit project-
    in addition, finish maleta.

    Due 4/28-Please continue to work on your project

    Due 4/27-Please work on your project

    Due 4/26-Please continue to work on your project.  

    Due 4/23-Please complete the Querer handout and work on Fashion Project

    Due 4/22-Please continue to work on your Project

    Due 4-21-Study-There will be a quiz tomorrow.

    Due 4/20-Please complete edpuzzle

    Due 4/19-Work on Project and study for Wednesday's Quiz

    Due/ -Please bring in magazines , fashion magazines or flyers which show clothing, etc

    Due 4/14-Please finish El Uniforme Feo Drawing if you didn't finish it in class.

    Due 3/31-  8-1 Finish summary/ continue working on menu

    Due 3/24-
     Please continue to review the verb GUSTAR- many of you have not watched the video; please make sure that you watch...this will reinforce what we have been learning in class.  As you know there will be a quiz on Thursday, see calendar for details.  Keep reviewing vocabulary and verbs comer and beber.

    Due 3/23- Quiz on Thursday-  Please start working on menu... get a headstart. 

    Due 3/22-Please complete sudoku

    Due 3/18- Please continue to review food vocabulary/ keep writing and practicing.  

    Due 3/17- please complete Food Ad task.

    Due 3/11-Please watch video and compare the notes taken ....practice...sing... :0 ) will be having a test on Monday. (posted on Calendar)

    Due 3/10- Please watch the March Anthony Video/See calendar below. Test date has been posted.

    Due 3/9-Please watch Marc Anthony Video.

    Due 3/3- Please continue to review/study for upcoming quiz.

    Due 3/2- 8-1 Please complete the contractions handout.

    Due 2/26-Complete IR handout. Quiz posted; see calendar

    Due 2/25- Please complete the Word Search, remeber to follow the directions posted.

    Due 2/24-Please formulate 10 sentences using the vocabulary from unit.  Include verbs, modes of transportation, traffic signals, places etc.  Please mark them on the map.  Glue or staple on the back of the map (use construction paper to divide the two) as explained in class. Please write your name and number.

    TEST ON THURSDAY 2/11  See calendar for details

  •  Class news...please read!

    11/12- I would like to reiterate the importance of checking the website as today students had their assessment and students were asked to bring in the rubric....see below; however a vast number of students were unprepared.  Please make sure that you bring what is asked  as this is cause for a demerit; if there is an issue, please let me know in advance and something will be worked out.  Again, my email is   


    10/28 Please see calendar as new assessments have been posted.  :)

    10/25/20 - I have created a Homework Folder for my Homelearners to submit their assignments. This keeps it all organized and in one place.... assignments must still be submitted by 8 am
    * I kindly ask if you are going to be absent and plan to be virtual for the day, to please let me know via email; I post the work on Google Classroom for only the Home Learners.  It is very difficult to post work while I am in the classroom "live". I truly appreciate it.  Sra. S

    10/4/20  September has come and gone.... We have been adjusting to all the changes...slowly but surely....I am so proud of the resilient...and we have been learning so much....6th grade has been learning their days of the week...and months of the year... and we will begin #'s
    7th grade will also work learning more numbers...up to 1000!!! 
    8th grade has been getting fully immersed  in Spanish....we have been creating some funny stories(adjectives/verb SER and simple sentence structure...and I love seeing their enthusiasm and how much they are learning while having fun :)   ******TEST DATES HAVE BEEN POSTED*****

    A reminder- Please keep your binder, folder, or any work for me organized.  As we progress; you will see that I do distribute handouts which is why I asked for clear slips.  It is imperative to keep these handy and for your work to be kept in these...they must also be accessible.  Unfortunately, class time has been cut short and when I go over material; it should be ready to go review/complete...etc... if you do not carry a binder.... please keep the slips in a binder but make sure the handouts are DATED and kept in order.   Thank you and I look forward to another week of learning and fun in Sra Salazar's world of Spanish.... :)

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  • Little notes from Sra Salazar

    10/14/20-A huge thank you to my ALL my kiddos for their incredible gifts!!! You are amazing....I was not expecting the birthday love....thank you all...I am such a lucky teacher to have you in my be able to share what I love...and I will enjoy my goodies for sure!!!  :) :)  Gracias!!
    XOXOXOXO  Let's keep learning and having fun while we are at it!!!!  :)  Ole!!!!

    9/23/20- GRACIAS!!!  TO ALL PARENTS WHO HAVE SUBMITTED THEIR HOMEWORK  :) I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every single one of your letters/emails.  Please know that I have read if I didn't reply to your email, I am sorry...but know I read and I am so glad to have learned so much ...and to have gained that insight from your eyes... I will try my very best to teach them what I love and be there for them... during the short time I spend with them in the classroom and here in school....xo
    Sra. Salazar

    Hello to all students/parents/guardians...

    Please note, the supply list has been updated.  I will now be asking all students to bring in a 1.5" or 2" sturdy binder which will now be divided into 2 sections.  One with loose leaf and the second with the clear sheet protectors.
    In addtion, please make sure students have their own English-Spanish dictionary and their OWN writing supplies/index cards etc.   Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions.  **** You do not have to bring textbooks or workbooks to school** As you know by now, I rarely use either workbook or textbook; I follow curriculum but use other resources to do so.   Keep book/workbook at home please**

    Incoming 7th graders:  Any students from last year who still have their book; please make sure you bring it to me on the first day; I appreciate it.

    I am so looking forward to seeing all al you; meeting new faces and teaching you this beautiful language I love so very much.  

    Love always,
    Sra. Salazar
     Virtual hugs to all