Sra Salazar - Spanish 6-8 & 8-2 Homeroom

  • Homeroom Notes

    A reminder that Field Day is coming up May 31st from Noon to 2:00 pm.  If you volunteered for our homeroom, please remember to meet with Mrs Townes at 11:30 am at the playground.

    5/25-Thank you to all the chaperones for helping out today....I hope you all had as much fun as I did!!! Because I personally had a blast !!!  :)   The kids were amazing... they got to be kids...carefree...they let loose...they could be themselves and just enjoy a day out with their friends...Thank you all again!!!

    5/23-Any 8th grader who is interested in being the speaker at graduation must submit an essay minimum of 4 paragraphs...tell us about your experience at Saint Patrick School, what made it so memorable, what are some of your memories and how has it made you a better human being?
    SUbmit it by Thursday morning.  Hand it in to your homeroom teachers who will decide the winning essay.

    ** Please be here on time for Field Trip.  Bus will leave here at 8:45 am sharp

    Any chaperones going on the Field Trip, please email me or Mr Reina to confirm that you are still attending the Field Trip.
    Thank you.

    Spanish Club will continue their Churro sale tomorrow.  Thank you for your continued support. 

    Summer uniforms begin Monday May 9th

    May 13th-Middle School Movie Night

    May 18th-PTP Mother Daughter Tea

    Reminder, we need chaperones for Field Trip, please sign up for Virtus training if you are not trained.  We appreciate it. 
    Sra Salazar.  ***See link below to register***

    4/8-Parents, we are in need of chaperones for our field trip to the Bronx Zoo; please sign up for Virtus training; it is a zoom training and get certified.  We truly appreciate it.  Please reach out to Mrs Pellerito and Mrs Darmanin if you have any further questions.

    3/29-8th grade will have their retreat tomorrow. Please wear gym uniform
    Field trip information was sent with student as well as important dates for 8th graders. Please make sure you obtain handout from student.

    I would like to say thank you to ALL of you for the generous gifts that were given to me at Christmas.  I am always amazed at the kindness and generosity of the Saint Patrick families...  It is truly appreciated and I again thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

    -Here is the Google Classroom Code for Art for 8-2:  37igxxn
    -Here is the Google Classroom Code for PE for 8-2:  e6flfhk

    All Codes should be displayed on main page for each respective class.  Please make sure that you are on time, cameras are on and as per administration; no uniform is required but please make sure that you are ready, out of bed and ready to attend your virtual classes as if you were in school.  :)  



  • Spanish 6th to 8th

    *****Please note that there has been a document uploaded *Grading explanation*  Hope this helps

    9/22 I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every one that has sent a PARENT HOMEWORK :) I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning about your child.   I have not responded but know that I have read each and every single one of them ...this year is off to a great start and I look forward to continuing to learning and sharing.... Please do not hesitate to reach out should you ever have any questions.
    Sra. Salazar

    I hope you have had a great summer...I am looking forward to seeing all of you again and to meeting all of our new students.  It will be a great year of learning...
    I will post homework/assessments/projects etc here in the calendar.  Students will also be given dates in class.  Documents will be posted in Google classroom as well as work that is not handed out to them.  

    Please note that the Asi Se Dice textbook and Workbook MAY BE KEPT AT HOME.  As you know by now, I DO NOT use the textbook and rely on other resources instead.  Please bring your binder daily and writing supplies as well as your dictionary.    This will be used daily.   

    HOMEROOM NOTES:  We will have early dismissal the first two days so you may bring in ALL SUPPLIES as requested over the first two days.  We will have our first full day on Thursday. 

    PLEASE review the handbook.
    Note:  Hooded sweatshirts will NOT be allowed unless they are Saint Patrick sweatshirts. (exception of dress down days)
    Girls may not have acrylic nails and may only be a light shade.
    Boys must have a belt and hair must adhere to the length specified in the handbook.
    Avoid hair coloring as it must be as natural as possible. 

    All of this is specified in handbook.  

    Looking forward to a great year....

    Sra. Salazar,
    Spanish Teacher and 8-2 Homeroom Teacher

  • Sign ups for parents

  • Tarea 6-8

    due 5-17  6-1  Please complete word search
    both classes may start to work on project which is already posted on Google Classroom.

    Due 5/16-Please complete pages 2  and 3 from La Granja (make sure they are all colored) and watch and practice .  Video has been uploaded.

    Due 5-11, 5-12  Please print out "La Granja" handouts which have been posted on Google Classroom.

    4/27- Please continue to study for quiz which will be on Friday.  Posted on calendar.

    Due 3/30-Please note that assessment has been moved to Monday due to State Testing; I ready and Early dismissal.
    Please watch video and study.

    Due 3/28- Complete Edpuzzle; please bring plastic cups...we will be building our very own towers :)

    Due 3/23  Please bring in Art Supplies.

    Due 3.22  Brain Pop-Peru

    Due 3/21- Please complete Encanto Wordsearch.

    6th grade Homework
    Due 2/17-Please look up some fun facts relating to Colombia and the movie ready to discuss in class tomorrow. Continue reviewing your vocabulary list. There will be a quiz the Tuesday once we return from break.


    7th grade

    Due 5/17 Please complete weather handout.

    Due 5/11-Please complete the Weather handout based on the vocabulary handout reviewed in class today.

    4/27- Please continue to study for quiz which will be on Friday.  Posted on calendar.

    Due 4-5- Please complete word search and start to study vocabulary. Make quizlet if needed or start to study in chunks.

    Due 3/30-We will have test, study guide provided/ please study all notes as well and watch videos.

    Due 3/28-EdPuzzle

    Due 3/22- Brain Pop-Peru

    Due 3/21-  Please complete Encanto Wordsearch.

    8th grade
    Please study, the Amazon test is on Thursday the 19th.
    Due 5/12- Please complete both sides of the word search.
    Due 5/11-Please complete Amazon animals handout.
    4/27- Please continue to study for quiz which will be on Monday  5/2 on Chile.  Posted on calendar.
    Due 4-5 Please study material for test which will be given in 2 parts/Speaking and Written.  We will continue to review speaking in class.
    Due 3/30-Please watch videos and review the lyrics.
    Due 3/28-Please review and study for makeup quiz.   IT will be out of 10 points
    Please study and review vocabulary 
    Due 3/21-Please use quizlet and materials from unit we have used so far; we have Quiz Monday.
    Due 3/2-  Menus due.
    Due 2/17- Complete the food handout/IOP's Gustar.

  • Mandatory Quarantine

    If a student is in mandatory quarantine, I will be uploading work in Google Classroom and it will be the students' responsibility to send the work back to me.  We will communicate and keep in touch and as always, I am always available to answer any questions.  Please bear in mind, during teaching hours; I will not be able to get back to you.  

  • Q&A

    I will provide Q&A during my lunch period to all grades. Students need to come and see me PRIOR and get a pass signed.  Students will eat lunch first and then come see me.
    6th grade FRIDAYS 12:25 pm
    7th grade WEDNESDAYS 12: 25 pm
    8th grade TUESDAYS 12:25 pm