First Grade-Mrs. Verso

  •       Classroom News

    Welcome to First Grade!!!
    Good morning!!
    Our first day week went really well, it was so great to see kids in the building again!!
    A couple of things! 
    Special Area Classes will begin tomorrow's (Thursday, Sept 10)
    Our Special Schedule is as follows :
    Monday / Tuesday  Gym
    Please be sure your child comes to school wearing their gym uniform/sneakers 

    Wednesday - Art 
    Please be sure your child has their Sketch Pad and a Smock. The Smock should come in a Ziploc bag marked with your child's name as requested by the Art teacher 

    Thursday Library/Media

    Friday  Music 

     Please note: I will be using the class website mainly for general information and announcements and you should check it frequently. Beginning on Monday I will begin using Google Classroom for any time sensitive announcements, as you will receive a notification when there is a post. Soon I will also be posting Homework, Assignments and what we will be covering for the week so class pages can be pulled from the workbooks and sent in to school, more details to follow on this process. All students should be signed up for Google Classroom by Friday. Your child should have received a notification to join our google classroom. If you have not received the link for this, please send me an email. Homework will be assigned using Google Classroom this year, as well as other assignments from time to time as well as important messages!

    Here is the schedule for sending in books and supplies next week. Please be sure all items are clearly labeled with your child's name and send in according to the schedule below as it will make these first days go much smoother for us all!
    Please strictly follow the schedule listed below to send in supplies and books. Any items not included on the below schedule will be kept home at this time. I will be requesting them as needed.
    In addition to sending in supplies as indicated below please send in a small HEALTHY snack and a refillable non-spill water bottle each day beginning on the very first day! Beginning on Thursday and all full days your child should also come to school with their lunch and a drink packed separately from their snack bag. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Schedule for Sending in Supplies 

    Tuesday, September 8th

    *Red plastic folder labeled "Home" with your child's first and last name on the outside. This will go back and forth daily and must be emptied each day. 
    *Milk Crate - Please make your child's name highly visible outside the crate and I would love a photo of your child as may also decorate if you'd like. This will be kept beside your child's desk and all your children's belongings that do not fit inside their desks will be contained here.

    All Pouches that were requested on our supply list, I kindly ask that you remove pencils, crayons and markers, etc from their packaging and empty into the appropriate pouches as was indicated 

    3 Extra Masks for your child in a labeled Ziploc bag 

    *1 bottle of individual hand sanitizer (labeled) this will only be used by your child.

    *1 box of tissues for your child's use only, please open packaging for your child. 

    Small towel (hand towel size) that your child will use as a sit upon when we go outside. This should be washed or changed out daily as we will be going outside often for mask breaks and even to do some of our learning. Please be sure a clean towel comes to school each day in your child's backpack. 

    Wednesday, Sept. 9th
    *Dry erase board (one side lined , the other plain)

    *Thin Dry Erase Markers and Dry Erase Eraser in a gallon size Ziploc bag clearly labeled with your child's name.

    Clipboard  - to be used only by your child for writing activities when we do learning outdoors.

    3-5 books that your child is able to read independently in a zip-loc bag labeled with their name. Unfortunately my classroom library will not be accessible at this time for children's use, the children will be using these books throughout the week and new books should come in with your child each week on Monday mornings..
    Thursday,  September 10th 
    *1 container of baby wipes, these will be for your child only and kept in their crate. 

    *Girls only please send in 1 container of Clorox or Lysol wipes
    (Later in the year the boys will send theirs in as needed. )
    *Boys only please send in 1 large roll of paper towels (Later in the year the girls will send in theirs when needed.)

    *Journeys Textbook Book number 1.1 (hard cover) please DO NOT COVER Book
    (you will see 1.1 on the spine of the book)
    (the remaining 5 readers will stay at home until we have completed Reader 1

    Handwriting  Book, clearly labeled on front cover with your child's  name with a label or permanent marker.
    All other workbooks will stay at home at this time, I will be asking you to pull pages from these books and send in the pages we will use for the week in one of the colored plastic folders you have provided. There will be very specific details to follow regarding this procedure. Please note, I ask that the pages for the following week be in their folders on Fridays so we will have them ready for use on Monday morning the rest of the week. 

    I know this all sounds like a lot, but I also know if we all work together we can keep everyone safe during this unprecedented time. I thank you in advance for your help, it is very much appreciated. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    It is important to view the school homepage and our class webpage daily, as new information will be posted frequently.

    Please be sure your child knows how they are getting home from school each day. If there is a change in your child's normal plan,  please send a note in their Red folder indicating how they will be getting home. Soon this will be done electronically, we have contracted as a school with a company that will eliminate the need to send in notes when there has been a change to your child's dismissal plan, thus lessening contact via notes back and forth. Details are forthcoming, watch for an email from the school regarding this soon!
    Each day we will have afternoon snack, please send a small healthy snack and water for your child each day. You may also send your child with a refillable water bottle that they will be able to keep at their desk.If your child is bringing lunch from home, please be sure to pack their lunch and snack separately. 

    Please be sure that anything you send to school is clearly labeled with your child's name, particularly their School sweatshirts and sweaters. The children often take them off during Gym or recess and if they are not labeled we have no way of knowing which is theirs. 

    Each Friday the children will bring home their pencil cases to sharpen their pencils for the upcoming week, please help them to sharpen them and return to school on Mondays. The children should always have 12 sharpened pencils in their case. Thank you !