First Grade-Mrs. Verso

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    Students begin wearing their Winter Gym uniforms today and tomorrow and their Winter school uniforms on Wednesday. If you have any questions about the Winter Uniform, please refer to the school handbook found under the resources section (under the For Children tab( of the School Website.

    Beginning this week, the children will begin having Spelling Homework. Spelling homework will be completed on the Spelling City website. A letter will be coming home with your child's login information. We will NOT be having Spelling tests at this time. We wuld just like the children to become accustomed to the Spelling City Website and having to complete Spelling Homework each week, as well of course learn the correct Spelling of the weekly words. Each week there will be 4 or more assigned activities on the Spelling City Website to help your child leaan to  Spell the weekly words. Feel free to do any additional activities to help your child learn the weekly words.

    Please continue to practice the Saint Speeches with your child.. Thank you for your help to prepare the chikdren for this Special day. Each child will need a Saint costume for the akk Saints Day nass ion Novemebr 1st.

    On Tuesaday Octeber 22nd, we will be having an Anti-Bullying Dress Down Day !
    We will not be collecting any  money foe this Dress Down Day, but all students must wear Orange in support of anti-bullying if  they are dressing down !

    It is important to view the school homepage and our class webpage daily, as new information will be posted frequntly.

    Please be sure your child knows how they are getting home from school each day. If there is a change in your child's normal plan,  please send a note in their Red folder indicating how they will be arriving home.

    Each day we will have snack in the afternoon,  please send a small healthy snack and water for your child each day. You may also send your child with a refillable water bottle that they will be able to keep at their desk.If your child is bringing lunch from home, please be sure to pack their lunch and snack separately. 

    Please be sure that anything you send to school is clearly labeled with your child's name, particularly their School sweatshirts and sweaters. The children often take them off during Gym or recess and if they are not labeled we have no way of knowing which is theirs. 

    Each Friday the children will brung home their pencil cases to sharpen their pencils for the upcoming week, please hekp them to sharpen them and return to school on Mondays. The children should always have 12 sharpened pencils in their case. Thank you !

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    Proverbs 22:6
    "Start children off  on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it."

  • Academic Plans

    Language Arts Story of the week,:
    "Jack and the Wolf."This week we will explore this story along with reviewing  short vowel "a" The "Words to Know" are always found on the pages right before the story and I will post tem here as well. Please make a flashcard for each word to know word and put into your ziploc bag for Reader 1.2.
    This weeks words are::
                        Words to know:
    away, every, call, hear, come, said
    Please make flash cards and add these words to your ziplic bag for Reader 1.2

    ***Please practice reading the words each night, bad, can, had, cat, ran (
    spelling homework each night is completed online at )
    You do not need to make flashcards for the Spelling words to bring to school. You are welcome to do so for your child to help them memorize the correct spelling for each of the weeks Spelling words.

    .Math - We will continue to explore the topic of Subtraction  and grow more fluent in our additon facts.. It would be beneficial to your child if they become fluent with their addition facts. Flashcards are a great way and there are virtual Flashcards online on the Factmonster website. I will post a link in the Links section. We will be using this site in the classroom to improve speed and accuracy of addition facts.

    Religion - "Saints"

    Science  - Over the coming week, we will begin to explore the topics of Fall, leaves and pumpkins and Bats.
    Social Studies

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