First Grade
          Mrs. Verso

  •                         First Grade News !!

  • Welcome to First Grade!!

    I am looking forward to a fantastic year and cannot wait to meet all the children !

    I would appreciate if you would send me a brief email stating how your child will arriving at and departing from school the first day. If they will be traveling via bus, please indcate their bus district and bus number if you have that information.

    Please use the link below to join our Google Classroom, once you have joined you will see all the information you will need for the first day of school and what the children should be bringing to school on the first day.
    If you have any trouble joining the Google classroom, please let me know via email and I will be happy to assist!

    Although we normally have Gym on Tuesday, special classes do not start until Thursday, so you may send your child in their regular school uniform !

    Going forward I will be posting all information to
    Google Classroom only. Thank you to everyone for joining !

    Lunch and Snack

    The children bring a small healthy snack and water each day. Please do not send in juice boxes or other sweet drinks for the children to consume during snack time.
    If the children are bringing their lunch, please be sure it is packed separately from their snack bag and the children are aware which is their snack and which is their lunch. 
    If your child will be purchasing lunch, please consider preordering rather than sending in money each day. It is much easier for the children when they have a sticker indicating their lunch choice for the day and it is less costly this as well
    Please discuss your child's lunch choices with them when placing the monthly order. 

    Scholastic News

    To enhance our Social Studies and Science curriculum, we will be using "Scholastic News", a nonfiction weekly magazine. I will be posting information about payment for the subscription on Google Classroom. 

    Please advise if your child will be driven to/from  school or taking the bus back and forth each day If there is to be a deviation from their normal means of transportation home from school, a note must be sent in to me in your child's Red folder, I will check their folders each day. Please do not communicate changes to their transportation plan via e-mail for the current day as there may be times I do not have access to my email. 

    As has been a long standing tradition at St Patrick School, the First Graders each  learned about the life of a saint who is special to them. Click on the link below to see their Saint Videos!

    D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read)
    Reading Bags
    Please change the books in your children's D.E.A.R. reading book bags each weekend. The bags will be sent home each Friday. Unfortunately my classroom library will not be accessible at this time for children's use, the children will be using these books throughout the week and new books should come in with your child each week on Monday mornings..

    Please also sharpen all your children's pencils, both colored and regular each  weekend. They will come home in their backpack. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    It is important to view the school homepage, our class webpage  and our Google Classroom Page daily as new information will be posted frequently.

    Please be sure your child knows how they are getting home from school each day. 

    Please be sure that anything you send to school is clearly labeled with your child's name, particularly their School sweatshirts and sweaters. The children often take them off during Gym or recess and if they are not labeled we have no way of knowing which is theirs. 

    Our Special Schedule is as follows :
    Monday / Tuesday  Gym
    Please be sure your child comes to school wearing their gym uniform/sneakers 

    Wednesday - Art 
    Please be sure your child has their a Smock for Art days. The Smock should come in a Ziploc bag marked with your child's name as requested by the Art teacher. 

    Thursday - Library/Media

    Friday - Music 


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    Proverbs 22:6
    "Start children off  on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it."

  • Academic Plans

    Language Arts

    In Language Arts , we follow the NYS learning standards using with the Journeys Reading series, supplemengted by a variety of children's literature that is shared with the children each day. We also supplement the reading series with a comprehensive Phonics program to help the children with their reading skills.


    In Math we use the Go  Math series that follows the NYS learning standards. Topics the childten will learn about this year are addition and subraction, telling time, graphing, geometry and measurement.

    In Religion we will explore the order of the Mass and learn prayers that we pray together daily. We also learn about the lives of the Saints and learn about the different holidays and seasons of the Catholic faith. 

    Social Studies & Science 
    We will begin the year by in Science learning about Apples the seaons of Fall and Bats. As we move throughout the year we will learn about all the season and units about Penguins, The Rain Forest and Sea Animals. In  Social Studies, we learn about community workers, many of whom are explained by our parents who come in to speak to the children about their occupations. We also learn about all the holidays and do a unit on Biographies which introduces the children to a variety of famous people.