Fifth Grade-MS. harnedy
Math, Social Studies and Religion 

  • February  Updates

    Continuing on from last month, we will be learning about colonialism in the New World, with our current focus on the Thirteen Colonies.In math, we will be wrapping up our unit on decimals and transitioning to working with fractions.

    At the end of each day, we will be having silent reading time (DEAR Time). Please make sure you are sending your son or daughter in with a book that interests them!

    Stay tuned for more updates!
  • Daily Homework
    Thursday, February 25th          


    Make sure you have pages 121 - 152 (Bring them tomorrow) 

    No HW

    Social Studies: 
    No HW

  • Workbook Pages

    Workbooks may be left at home alongside textbooks if students rip the correct pages out of the workbooks and bring to school in a folder!


    Social Studies: All of Chapter 3

    Math: 239-288
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  • Google Classroom Codes

    5-1 Math: 6qa2yoo       
    5-1 Social Studies: rj2e43h
    5-2 Math: 7cjx4jg
    5-2 Social Studies: pchthjv
    5-2 Religion: oum2mye           
    5-2 Music (Updated): lvjrwsy
    5-2 Art:  br4vn5z
    5-2 Physical Education: 26srlzx 

  • 5-2 Specials Schedule

    Monday:  Music (10:10 AM - 10:44 AM)
    Tuesday:  P.E. (10:10 AM - 10:44 AM) 
    Wednesday:  Media (1:05 PM - 1:39 PM)
    Thursday:  P.E. (10:10 AM - 10:44 AM) 
    Friday:  Art (9:00 PM - 9:34 PM)

    Recess (11:20 AM - 11:54 AM)
    Lunch (11:55 AM - 12:29 PM)
  • Today's Readings