Fifth Grade-MS. harnedy
Math, Social Studies and Religion 

  • 5th Grade Updates

    • 5th Grade Families are being asked to donate turkey gravy for the school's Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive :)
    • *Please send in the signed copy of the first page of the student agenda. Thank you!
    • Please send students with school/ spirit wear sweatshirts, as the weather is getting chilly and we must keep windows open for ventilation. Non-school sweatshirts are NOT allowed. 
    • Please send in small games or activities to do during indoor recess. Please send them in a ziplock with your child's name on it. Do not send in anything expensive or irreplacable, and remind your chlld that they can not share these items with their friends.
  • Daily Homework

    Complete Chapter 5 Take Home Test and hand in on Wednesday

    Page 117 #2-8
    Social Studies:
    5-1: No HW
    5-2: Finish Squanto packet

  • Workbook Pages

    Workbooks may be left at home alongside textbooks if students rip the correct pages out of the workbooks and bring to school in a folder!

     77 - 118

    Social Studies: All of Chapter 3

    Math: 85 - 118
  • Contact Me

  • Google Classroom Codes

    5-1 Math: 6qa2yoo       
    5-1 Social Studies: rj2e43h
    5-2 Math: 7cjx4jg
    5-2 Social Studies: pchthjv
    5-2 Religion: oum2mye           
    5-2 Music (Updated): lvjrwsy
    5-2 Art:  br4vn5z
    5-2 Physical Education: 26srlzx 

  • 5-2 Specials Schedule

    Monday:  Music (10:10 AM - 10:44 AM)
    Tuesday:  P.E. (10:10 AM - 10:44 AM) 
    Wednesday:  Media (1:05 PM - 1:39 PM)
    Thursday:  P.E. (10:10 AM - 10:44 AM) 
    Friday:  Art (9:00 PM - 9:34 PM)

    Recess (11:20 AM - 11:54 AM)
    Lunch (11:55 AM - 12:29 PM)
  • Today's Readings