Fifth Grade-Mrs. Guerriero
Language Arts, Science & Religion

  • important reminders

    • Please send students with sweatshirts/sweaters, as the weather is getting chilly and we must keep windows open for ventilation.
    • Please send in small games or activities to do during indoor recess. Please send them in a ziplock with your child's name on it. Do not send in anything expensive or irreplacable, and remind your chlld that they can not share these items with their friends.
  • weekly objectives:

    Religion: -Ch. 7: Grace: A Gift from God
    Science: Ch. 3: Growth and Survival
    -Lesson 4: What are the life cycles of some animals?
    * Test: Thurs.
    LA: Vocabulary: Unit 15 (Tests on Fridays)
    Grammar: Verbs (Voyages Section 4)
    Reading: Esperanza Rising (novel)
  • Homework:

    *Please note that I often post my planned homework for the week, which is subject to change. The students may need to wait until I teach the lesson before they can start the homework.
    Homeroom/ Religion: 1) *Bring in pages 107-138!
    2) Challenges and Graces worksheet due Mon.
    Science: 1) p. 131 Got It? & Lesson 4 worksheet due Mon.
    2) At Home Lab: Growing Up due FRIDAY 1/29
    3) Ch. 3 Review Sheet due: Wed.
    4) Ch. 3 Test: Thurs.
    LA: 1) Vocabulary p. 154-156 due Wed.
    2) Vocabulary Unit 15 Test: Fri.
    3)January Reading Challenge (on Googlge Clsasroom) due Fri. 
    4) Voyages Practice Book p. 60 due Mon. 2/1
  • workbooks

    Workbooks may be left at home alongside textbooks. Students must rip the correct pages out of the workbooks and keep in backpack in a folder!
    -p. 107-138
    Science: -.p. 100-189 (Ch. 3: Growth and Survival)
    LA: Voyages Practice Book p. 48-64 (Section 4: Verbs)
    *Leave Esperanza Rising in your backpack!
    *Leave Vocabulary Books in backpack!
    *Always have a book to read in your backpack!