Fifth Grade-Mrs. Guerriero
Language Arts, Science & Religion

  • goals for the week

    Religion: -Ch. 2: The Seven Sacraments
    *Ch. 2 Open Book Test: Wed.
    -Ch. 3 : Living the Beatitudes
    Science: -Ch.2: Force and Motion
    -Lesson 1: What are forces?
    -Lesson 2: What are Newton's Laws?
    LA: Vocabulary: Unit 6 (Tests on Fridays)
    Grammar: Voyages Section 4: Verbs
    Writing: How-to Writing: The Great Pumpkin Challenge
    *Vocabulary Extra Help will usually be on Thursdays during Recess.
  • Homework this week

    *Here I will post the homework I plan for the upcoming week. Please check back each day in case anything changes. You also may have to wait until we have learned a lesson in class before you can complete some homework .
    5-1 Religion:
     Ch.. 2 Open Book Test: Wed. - Study! (Review ANSWERS on Google Classroom)
    Science: 1) Force and Motion Experiment packet due Thurs. (with optional Bonus - worked in in class Fri. & Tues.)
    2) p. 73 Got It? & Lesson 2 worksheet due Tues. 10/29
    LA: 1) Reading Log due Mon.
    2) Vocabulary p. 60-62 due Wed
    3) Voyages Practice Book p. 137 due Thurs. (How-to Articles)
    4) Vocabulary Unit 6 Test: Fri. - Study!
    5) Voyages Practice Book p. 138 due Tues. 10/29 (How-to Articles)

    *All class notes will be posted on Google Classroom!

    Uniform Expectations
    (from updated handbook): ● Bows: Small, school colors ● Headbands: School colors, NO Cat ears, NO unicorn horns NO “little hats” (p. 20) ● Gym socks: white crew ● NO makeup (p. 11)● NO hair paint ● School shoes only &  School sweatshirts or sweaters in class ​​​​​​​
    *Nail polish: neutral colors only