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    We are VERY busy getting ready for our show!!!  Our next meeting will be Thursday, May 12th from 2: 30 TO 4:00. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE!!!!!  We will also meet Thursday, May 19th and Monday ,  May 23rd , from 2:30 to 4:00 pm. This is our last rehearsal and we ask that everyone attend, PLEASE!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
    The show is on Wednesday, May 25th at  7:00pm. All students should be at school by 6:30 pm . We will also have a dress rehearsal , for the school students on that day at 12:45.  The students do NOT have to wear their uniforms to school on May 25th. They can wear shorts and a tshirt. 

    All speaking parts MUST be memorized and I  did ask  ALL the students to PLEASE practice the songs at home.  We are running out of time and want to make this the best show ever!!!
    We are supplying most of the costumes and props, but 
    please check the following list to see if your child needs anything. 
    ALL STUDENTS should wear a pair of dark socks, as we do not wear shoes for the show.  Shorts should be a solid color , please. 
    Narrators: Can wear shorts and a tshirt, as you will be wearing the star costume over it.
    Mickey: Please keep me posted!!!
    Sophie, Katie, Megan: You will need a nightgown or pajamas for the "sleeping scene" and shorts and a tshirt for the rest of the play. (If you have a Disney themed shirt, that would be great, but not necessary. ) Also, if you have a sleeping bag or Happy Napper, that would be perfect. 
    7 Dwarfs : We have tshirts and hats for you. You can wear either shorts or sweat pants pushed up.
    Snow White:  You can just wear shorts and a tank or tshirt for under your costume.
    Anna: Thank you!
    Elsa: Thank you!
    Olaf: Shorts and a tshirt for under costume 
    Simba: Shorts and tshirt for under costume
    Timon and Pumba:  Shorts and tshirt for under costume 
    Mufasa: Shorts and tshirt for under costume .
    Woody and Jessie: Blue jeans, plaid shirt and boots. We have the rest . 
    Cinderella: If possible, a pale pink tank top to be worn under the dress and shorts. 
    Mother: Shorts and a tshirt ; a bathrobe . for last scene. 

    I realize this is a LONG post, but I was trying to update everyone at once (about everything!!) 
    PLEASE email me if you have any questions . 
     Please check this website for any more information. 
    Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. 
    We are really having fun with this show!!! I think you will all enjoy seeing your children perform  !!
    If you child cannot make it to a practice, please notify us by e-mail or a note. 
    Thank you for your cooperation!



    Thank you!!
    Mrs. Dizinno and Ms. Spina