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Math 6S, Math 7S, Acc7 and Algebra 1 indicate classed taught by Ms. Schappert.
Math 6-2, Math 7-2 and Math Pre Algebra indicate classes taught by Ms Schrader

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General Math Policies:

Student sare expected to come to class prepared every day with

1.     Notebook

2.     Pencils(at least 3, sharpened prior to class)

3.     A calculator: TI-34 Multiview (Grade 6,7,8) OR TI-84+ Graphing (Algebra Only)

4.     Go Math text

Collaboration: Students in each homeroom are divided into two classes for math and assigned to a particular teacher for the entirety of the year.  However, the classes may collaborate on a few activities over the course of the year.

HomeworkHomework will be assigned 4-5 times per week and should take about 20 minutes to complete. Every student is responsible to copy their homework assignment into their agenda. We will make every effort to post it on the class page. Homework must be done neatly, honestly, completely and on-time for full credit.  It must also be done in pencil for full credit.

Your child cannot reach his or her full potential in mathematics without practicing on their own.  Homework is their time to practice!

Attendance: For excused absences (or pull-outs), students must request make-up work when s/he returns the following day.  Test or Quizzes that were missed due to excused absence must be made up ASAP.  An appointment should be made with the teacher upon your child's return.

Tests: Test are given at the end of each chapter.  Test are announced about a week in advance in class.  Students in Grade 6 will also take the NYS Common Core Assessment.

Common Core: All grades follow the Common Core Curriculum prescribed by the state. Our goal is to teach fewer topics with more depth and make connections to prior knowledge.  Tasks will be demanding and require that students apply logic to real life word problems.

Gradebook: Grades will be updated on the online PowerSchool gradebook about once a week. Grades are based on a holistic rubric. Please contact Ms. Weippert by e-mail ( if there is an issue with PowerSchool.

Demerit System:  Demerits are received for inappropriate behavior.  After 4 demerits a letter will be sent home.  The 5th demerit will result in an after-school detention.  For a more detailed explanation of the demeirt system, please see the online student handbook.