Expectation Agreement

Expectations Contract

**applies to homeroom students/parents only


Students are expected to be prepared for class, that means have assignments, folders, notebooks, and textbooks, as well as pens/pencils. If not, there is a demerit system in place (please see Mrs. Darmanin’s web page in the left hand column)


**Attendance:  will be taken upon arrival in class.   Anyone who is absent will have to bring in note on their first day back or it will be considered unexcused

**Lateness: students must be in class by 8:20 or they will be marked down as late for the day


**Early Dismissal:  if your child will be leaving early, please send in a note on that day


**Permission Slips:  please make sure they are signed and returned the day due, so

                          as not to deter any trip, exercise, etc.


Report Cards:  there are three marking periods: Sept-Nov; Dec-March; April-June


Quizzes:   Each teacher will have their own protocol.  See their web pages.


Tests:      Each teacher will have their own protocol.  See their web pages



Assignments:  Each teacher will have their own protocol.  See their web pages



Discipline:   All students are expected to be courteous and respectful.  There is a demerit                       system in place. (again see protocol on Mrs. Darmanin’s web page, left hand                       column)

Misc:          There will also be projects, reports, etc.  Students will be given all necessary                        information within a reasonable time frame from due date.


Procedures:   Being prepared and participation in class will be factored into the grades for                        both progress reports and report cards. Students must have binders, pens,                          folders every day, any other materials needed for class will be determined in                        advance.


a) Upon entering classroom, students will take out their agendas and copy down homework if given.

 b) Any assignment due should be taken out and ready to be handed in.

 c) Bathroom privileges are at the teachers’ discretion and are usually not a problem unless they are abused

 d) No student will be allowed to leave the room once a test or quiz has begun until it is over.

 e) Unless there is an open discussion going on, students will raise their hand to either ask or answer a question.

 f) No one is allowed out of their seat for any reason without permission.

 g) If a student is absent for a quiz or test they should be prepared to take it the day they return.  (all assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, etc. will be posted on the web page and/or blackboard)

Please sign below as confirmation and return to your child’s homeroom teacher


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Student’s Signature                                        Date


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Parent/Guardian’s Signature                         Date