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Our class is in desperate need of volunteers to supervise the children at recess. If we do not have a parent for each class, we can not safely take the children outdoors during recess time. It is only about a half hour committment, so I hope you will consider volunteering, even if you are only able to help once a month. The link to our lunch volunteer schedule is on the Schools Main page, there are many days this month still needing coverage. If you are unable to come up during the day because of your work schedule, we do need a volunteer to be our class captain. The class captain coordinates the lunch volunteers and will try to find a sub, if a parent has to unexpectedly miss their scheduled time. Thank you in advance to those who have volunteered already, it is much appreciated. 
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You will notice the children take their pencil cases home each Friday, this is so the children can start each Monday with a minimum of 12 sharpened pencils. Thank you for helping your child to sharpen their pencils each weekend, it may sound like a little thing but it is appreciated !
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   I apologize for the problems with our class website.  I have gotten it to the point where I can update everything with the exception of the background at the top of our page...which is why we have snowman in September .

Please be sure to send a small nutritious snack and water with your child each day. It is preferable that the children bring in a environment friendly refillable water bottle if possible. Please let me know if your child has any allergies.

You may contact me via email or a note in your child's folder. My email address is
Please DO NOT email during the school day regarding a change in how your child is to travel home at the end of the day. If a
change occurs during the day, you must phone the main office and they will relay a message to me. I am not always able to go online during the day to view and respond to messages.


Please send your children to school on Monday, Sept 18th with a Ziploc Bag labeled with:
Your child's name, Reader 1.1, Words to Know.
Please add the words listed below to your child's ziploc bag. The new words to know should be done every weekend and the words should be practiced every night as part of your child's Reading Homework. 
Additionally, the children should be reading or being read to for a minimum of 30 minutes each day.

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Our new story
The Storm

Words to Know
for     have     he     look     too     what
(Please add these words to your child's ziploc bag)

 We will not begin assigning Spelling words to learn, Spelling Homework or Spelling until we begin our second Reader, sometime in Mid October.  At that time Spelling words will be assigned and homework will be done via the Spelling City website. Information will come home explaining all about what is to be done at that time. One we begin, Spelling homework is assigned each week, unless otherwise noted here on the Website or on the letter I send home each Friday. If the students do not complete their Spelling Homework, it will likely affect the children's Spelling Test grades and will definitely affect their Homework Grade on their Report Card.  
Each child's Login information for Spelling City will be sent home prior to the first week of Spelling Homework. Please be sure your children complete all their Spelling City assignments, as well as study for their Spelling Test each week.

We have a new Math Series this year, so we are getting to know it together. So far the children seem to be doing well, if you have any concerns when the children are doing their homework, please jot me a note with your concerns. The feedback is welcome. The children will be coming home with the Packet that was their class lesson each day for your reference as they complete their Homework,

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