Mrs. Tighe
                                          HELLO FROM 3-2!!
Thank you to all the fathers and uncles, and Moms,  who came for our Father's Day Publishing Party. The children enjoyed reading their pieces on their Dads and Grandpas and their Ice Cream with Jesus. Thank you to all who contributed and the class Moms for helping with it. Thank you to those who stepped forward and offered to help with the Moving Up Party.

Well, the end is almost near for 3rd Grade. This is our last week and we have a lot going on. We will visit 4th grade, write letters to the 4th grade teachers about ourselves, write letters to the 2nd graders, practice for our Moving Up Ceremony, have our ceremony, have the first Tighe Talent Show, and have our last Mass for the year and awards ceremony for 1st through 3rd grade. We will also be learning some more math with graphing, more science with soil and fossil fuels, and more religion with the variety of Catholic churches around the world. There will be an end of the year test for math so the 4th grade teachers can see what the children know. There will be NO HOMEWORK. Report cards should be coming home on Tuesday.                                                I'll have a final website posting at the end of the week...

You can go under to practice some of the math. 
*****IMPORTANT: the students with numbers 11-18 in class need to put a \ before the # sign on their username for for it to work.
The website has a place for the teachers to check off the different lessons to practice. The students do not have to do all the things listed on the website. They are there just to practice. The dragon game covers all the lessons we will cover this year, but they can just do what we are learning now. The only thing they have to submit answers to me for is the Practice Test that is HW at the end of the topic. They submit it if they don't want to do it on loose leaf. Sorry for the confusion.
Any questions or concerns, please contact me using the sidebar that says "Contact Me".    

**** Information on the website can change daily depending on what we cover in class during the week, so please check it often.

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