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and WELCOME TO 3-2!!
I hope everyone enjoys a good weekend and the warmer weather. St. Agnes' Feast Day is Jan. 21st and she is the patron saint of our diocese and the patron saint of children. The children each received a prayer card with her picture. We discussed how she is a saint and was a child like them and how they can pray to her. 

We have a busy week ahead as we get ready for Catholic Schools Week. Our hallway has become "Seuss Land" so we are working on a poetry book based on the Seuss' story "To think I saw it on Mulberry Street" only they see things on Main Street on the way to school. The children are all having fun creating rhymes!! In math, we are finishing graphing and charts and will have a test on it. In science, we are working on weather and climate and learning what affects climate. In SS, we are starting Chapter 6 and learning how inventions and ideas changed history. In religion, we are learning about ordinary time in the Church and also finishing banners depicting the Church seasons. In ELA, we are reading the Cherokee legend "Yonder Mountain" about making the right choices in life to be a leader. We will also are reading Snowflake Bentley's story about his life and discovery of snow crystals and we will create a snow shape poem. In spelling, we are doing the "schwa" sound vowels in words.

The January Book Report info packet went home. The children are reading a non-fiction biography on an inventor of their choice. Mrs. Weippert has many biographies on inventors or you can get a book at the public library in the childrens' section. You can also google info. The cover is on construction paper with a picture of the person and title and author of book. The 2nd page is on construction paper and it's a collage of pictures of the inventor's invention(s). The 3rd page is on construction paper and is a timeline listing at least 5 important dates in the person's life. A 3-4 paragraph summary will be done in class so the children can bring in post-its with info on them with their book. DO NOT WRITE THE SUMMARY AT HOME!

Open House is Sunday, January 28th. Please come join us for 12:00 Mass and come by and visit our classroom!

​I added Pearson Realize link to resources and I sent home the user and passwords from the school.  These passwords and user names will remain the same up to 8th grade. If your child forgets his/her book, you can find the page online on this website.
You can use the link for math and science.

******Homework will be posted under the "Homework" sidebar on the left box*****A notice  will also be posted under resources side bar.

If your child is staying after school for an activity or going home differently than normal, you need to send in a note letting me know this each time. If your child is going to Aftercare on certain days for the whole year, I just need one note. If a child is ABSENT, I also legally need a note explaining the absence so I can put it in my attendance log.                                                                                                
Schedule of Specials:
Media--Monday @ 9:49
Music- Tuesday @ 8:25
Gym- Wednesday @ 1:45
Art- Thursday @ 1:25
Gym- Friday @ 1:15
LUNCH- 11:13- 11:33
RECESS- 11:35-12:00

Any questions or concerns, please contact me using the sidebar that says "Contact Me".    

**** Information on the website can change daily depending on what we cover in class during the week, so please check it often.