Mrs. Tighe
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                                          HELLO FROM 3-2!!
Thank you to all who contributed to Fr. Shibi's worthy cause in India for the orphan children.
Please bring in a can of string beans for the Easter baskets being put together by Parish Outreach. 3rd grade is in charge of string beans.

The Social Studies Review sheet is under resources now.

Bring in your musical instrument to Music Class on Tuesday if you are in band, since March is Music Month at school!

Please wear your regular uniform on Fridays with sneakers since we have Mass every Friday during Lent.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We actually have a FULL week ahead of school. The children created whimsical dragonflies and haiku poetry on them and they are hanging in the hall. They are working on an Easter packet that describes how the 3 Holy Days act as a bridge from Lent to Easter. We will be starting a journey to Australia once we finish Chapter 2 of SS. We will learn about the Eucharist in the Mass and our senses in Family Life. Partners will work together to illustrate the Stations of the Cross. We will continue to work on equivalent fractions on number lines.

JUST A NOTE: The children should be working on doing a good deed each day or giving up something for the day for Lent and writing it in their Lenten calendar each day in class. 

We are now up to RR #32 this week. RR is HW for the week and not an  option. Some students are not handing in RR during the week.

We are currently just playing with cards, playing checkers or chess, or drawing for recess until the class learns to use the other toys properly. Also please send in containers for water bottles instead of actual water bottles since many still flip the bottles when they are not suppose to and squeeze the bottles during class for the crunchy noise!

This week will have review words for Units 19-23 with aw, or, ur, ar sounds and homophones.  We will be reading in Journey's a non-fiction story called On The Ice. We will see how scientists survive in Antarctica as they do research. We will continue Topic 10 on fractions and how to compare fractions and use number lines.  Everyone should still be practicing the 2x - 11x tables.You need to know times tables to do division and fraction problems. I will also be giving the 12x tables.  I will continue to give 5 min. timed tests on the tables. Practice the flash cards in a manilla envelope marked TIMES TABLES. In religion, we will discuss the 3 Holy Days before Easter as a bridge from Lent to Easter and write about and create a booklet. We will learn about how the Eucharist was introduced to the Mass with Jesus at the Last Supper. We will also learn about the Stations of the Cross and illustrate them. We will do more diagramming of sentences, looking for subjects, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and will make a class book of homophones.

Spelling Words and HW can be found under the Homework tab on the left side of this site. 

Our Class Parents this year are Mrs. Nuccio and Mrs. McCarthy and if you would like to help with any class parties, please contact them. 

 If you are out sick-- You need a note when you return to school otherwise it will be marked as unexcused absence. If you are not going to take the bus and will be a walker, please provide a note, not an email. If you are going to be a walker or aftercare for the year, please provide a note.
Be sure to bring a healthy snack and drink each day.

You can go under to practice some of the math. 
*****IMPORTANT: the students with numbers 11-18 in class need to put a \ before the # sign on their username for for it to work.
The website has a place for the teachers to check off the different lessons to practice. The students do not have to do all the things listed on the website. They are there just to practice. The dragon game covers all the lessons we will cover this year, but they can just do what we are learning now. The only thing they have to submit answers to me for is the Practice Test that is HW at the end of the topic. They submit it if they don't want to do it on loose leaf. Sorry for the confusion.
Any questions or concerns, please contact me using the sidebar that says "Contact Me".    

**** Information on the website can change daily depending on what we cover in class during the week, so please check it often.