Mrs. Tighe

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Welcome to 3-2!

No more HW for the year!! Monday and Tuesday are full days of school!! We have been sending books home. In school the children should still have their handwriting, spelling connections, math, class NB and folder, and religion. We will be learning about perimeter this last week and then take measurements of our height, arm length, foot, hand, and a writing piece for our time capsules. We will work on chapters we have left in religion and visit the 2nd graders to tell them about 3rd grade with our letters. We will watch a movie on Mexico, present our Flat Stanley projects, and play our Australian games for the last time. We will have a Tighe Talent Show on Thursday, so if the children have a talent they would like to present to the class, they can let me know. 
Please bring in a toilet paper cardboard roll so we can make our time capsules this last week. Thank you.

We will have an End of the Year Party on June 20th! It will be a Mexican Fiesta and Ice Cream Sundae party. Contact both class Moms if you want to be involved. 

We had a science and math workshop with the publisher. For math HW, I will now break up the class in 3 groups-- A, B, C. Each group will only get 8 problems to do each night. I will post the problem #'s for each group on my HW poster each day. They will also be posted on the website HW. I told the children what group they are in and will write the letter on their HW page so they know what problems they will be responsible for.

​I added Pearson Realize link to resources and I sent home the user and passwords from the school.  These passwords and user names will remain the same up to 8th grade.
If your child forgets his/her book, you can find the page online on this website and do the HW.
You can use the link for math and science. There are games and activities to do to practice math.

******Homework will be posted under the "Homework" sidebar on the left box*****A notice  will also be posted under resources side bar.

If your child is staying after school for an activity or going home differently than normal, you need to send in a note letting me know this each time. If your child is going to Aftercare on certain days for the whole year, I just need one note. If a child is ABSENT, I also legally need a note explaining the absence so I can put it in my attendance log.                                                                                                
Schedule of Specials:
Media--Monday @ 9:49
Music- Tuesday @ 8:25
Gym- Wednesday @ 1:45
Art- Thursday @ 1:25
Gym- Friday @ 1:15
LUNCH- 11:13- 11:33
RECESS- 11:35-12:00

Any questions or concerns, please contact me using the sidebar that says "Contact Me".    

**** Information on the website can change daily depending on what we cover in class during the week, so please check it often.