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                                          HELLO FROM 3-2!!

Our End of the Year Fiesta and Graduation will be Wednesday, June 21st, from 9:30 - 11:00, the first 1/2 day of that week. We had to change the date due to other arrangements at the school.

We will have a field trip to Quogue Wildlife Refuge on May 25th from 10 to 2. It's a great program that children have loved in the past. The 34 children will go in 3 groups with guides on a trail of different types of ecosystems and environments and will interact with animals. We will have a bagged lunch there. The cost is $22 for bus/trip. We will take 4 chaperones for each class on the bus. We have 1 bus for both classes. Chaperones will pay $10 for the bus fee.
We need the field trip money and permission slip returned to us by Monday the latest. 


Congratulations to all the band and orchestra members for a job well done at your concert!
This week we have a busy week ahead. We have our Field Trip on Thursday. We are starting area in math and learning how we use it in every day life. We are starting ecosystems in science and will see them live at the wildlife refuge on Thursday. We are learning about Mexico's industry, people, and history. The class has made Mexican masks and flags so far. In religion, we are learning more about Penance and sin. We will be working on Father's Day essays with Dad's tools. The letters to Mary are hanging in the hall. Beautiful questions for Mary! Great job on the Mass Booklets!!  I hope families enjoyed doing them together. We will learn about the poppy fields and WWI and why red poppies are given out for Memorial Day and will make cards for veterans.

********Australia Review sheet is under Resources****** Test Monday

Questions have come up about the Cinco de Mayo party. We have it at the end of the year when we finish up Mexico and with our graduation so it is a graduation fiesta with Mrs. Curran's class! That is when we also have the ice cream sundaes.

RR this week is a response to the field trip, write what you learned at the refuge. RR is HW for the week and not an  option. Some students are not handing in RR during the week and it will affect their final grade.

Please don't send in fidgets into school, they are banned from the school. They can now play with legos at lunch, beside checkers and chess and cards. Do not bring in own legos.  Also please send in containers for water bottles instead of actual water bottles since many still flip the bottles when they are not suppose to and squeeze the bottles during class for the crunchy noise!

This week will have spelling words that end in "s" or "es". No story this week. We will start measuring area in math with A=length x width.  Everyone needs to know the rules for the shapes and multiplication for area.  I will continue to give 5 min. timed tests on the tables.In SS, we will continue Mexico and learn its industry, people, and history. In religion, we will discuss Penance and the 2 types of sin- venial and mortal. In science, we will be growing lima bean seeds in bags on the window to watch the plant cycle and learn about ecosystems. We are watching Gary #1 and Gary #2, our pet snails, in their environment. In ELA, we will continue work on grammar.

Spelling Words and HW can be found under the Homework tab on the left side of this site. 

Our Class Parents this year are Mrs. Nuccio and Mrs. McCarthy and if you would like to help with any class parties, please contact them. We have one more publishing party for Father's Day and the Cinquo de Mayo/Graduation Party at the end in June.

 If you are out sick-- You need a note when you return to school otherwise it will be marked as unexcused absence. If you are not going to take the bus and will be a walker, please provide a note, not an email. If you are going to be a walker or aftercare for the year, please provide a note.
Be sure to bring a healthy snack and drink each day.

‚ÄčYou can go under to practice some of the math. 
*****IMPORTANT: the students with numbers 11-18 in class need to put a \ before the # sign on their username for for it to work.
The website has a place for the teachers to check off the different lessons to practice. The students do not have to do all the things listed on the website. They are there just to practice. The dragon game covers all the lessons we will cover this year, but they can just do what we are learning now. The only thing they have to submit answers to me for is the Practice Test that is HW at the end of the topic. They submit it if they don't want to do it on loose leaf. Sorry for the confusion.
Any questions or concerns, please contact me using the sidebar that says "Contact Me".    

**** Information on the website can change daily depending on what we cover in class during the week, so please check it often.