Mrs. Tighe

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Welcome to 3-2!

Thank you to all the Moms that helped to make the spring party a fun time. The children all made flower pens for seniors at Island Rehab and Nursing and they made an additional pen in a flower pot for home. The seniors will enjoy receiving a touch of spring from the children!! Thank you Class 3-2, we raised $30 for Ronald McDonald House on Friday!
Once again, we have a busy week ahead. We have the 1/2 day Thursday for the 8th Confirmation. I will be out Monday and expect a good report from the class. We are starting our journey to Australia and learning about its history and culture and animals. We will be drawing the environment of the Australian animal and writing facts about it after 4/25. In math, we are doing fractions and learning unit fractions, parts of wholes, fractions on number lines. In religion, we are finishing Chap. 12 on vocations in the Church. In science, we are finishing plants in Chapter 3 and learning seeds, reproduction, life cycles, which goes with what we are learning in Family Life. In ELA, we will be reading "Journey of Oliver K. Woodman," a fiction story about a wooden puppet that travels across the US and sends postcards. In spelling, we are doing double consonants with "Y". Finally, in WW, we will be finishing our essay on the "Bridge to Pentecost" and creating a shape poem on each assigned Australian animal.

We had a science and math workshop with the publisher. For math HW, I will now break up the class in 3 groups-- A, B, C. Each group will only get 8 problems to do each night. I will post the problem #'s for each group on my HW poster each day. They will also be posted on the website HW. I told the children what group they are in and will write the letter on their HW page so they know what problems they will be responsible for.

​I added Pearson Realize link to resources and I sent home the user and passwords from the school.  These passwords and user names will remain the same up to 8th grade.
If your child forgets his/her book, you can find the page online on this website and do the HW.
You can use the link for math and science. There are games and activities to do to practice math.

******Homework will be posted under the "Homework" sidebar on the left box*****A notice  will also be posted under resources side bar.

If your child is staying after school for an activity or going home differently than normal, you need to send in a note letting me know this each time. If your child is going to Aftercare on certain days for the whole year, I just need one note. If a child is ABSENT, I also legally need a note explaining the absence so I can put it in my attendance log.                                                                                                
Schedule of Specials:
Media--Monday @ 9:49
Music- Tuesday @ 8:25
Gym- Wednesday @ 1:45
Art- Thursday @ 1:25
Gym- Friday @ 1:15
LUNCH- 11:13- 11:33
RECESS- 11:35-12:00

Any questions or concerns, please contact me using the sidebar that says "Contact Me".    

**** Information on the website can change daily depending on what we cover in class during the week, so please check it often.