Mrs. Curran

This week in Class 3~1,

The children will meet in small groups to read stories this week, and cover a new Journeys story called, "Dog of the Sea Waves". We will do follow up activities and writing to check for understanding. The practice book activities will be used.

Our unit on the country of Mexico continues and we will read, write and do activities this week to learn even more about this diverse country. 

Math lessons will continue to focus on aspects of area. We will work on different ways to 
solve area of complex polygons and do word problems. 

In our religion lessons this week the children will learn about the Last Supper and Passover.
Then our focus goes to the Mass, its essential parts and importance.

LIfe science has us discussing the balance of nature and the children did a poster
project. The children have watched a video about food chains and ecosystems. 
There will be text and workbook lessons this week about ecosystems and adaptations.

The children should be researching for the last report of the year it
will be  based on a country each child is interested in learning about.
The report is due on May 31st. 

Reminder: Thursday is our trip to Quogue Wildlife Refuge. 
The children need to wear dress summer uniform for mass at 9am. But they should
wear good socks and sneakers for our hike. Bug spray is a good idea as well. Please pack them snack, lunch and water to eat at the preserve. 

Best regards,
Mrs. Jeannine Curran