Mrs. Curran

Class 3-1 and Families,

If your child plays an instrument and hasn't brought it in for music class, please have them bring it in Tuesday for Mrs. Benkovsky. They will get a chance to play during music, since March is music in our schools month.
In math this week we will continue finish fractions lessons and then start our
lessons about lines & angles.
Our social studies classes will focus on the geography and landforms
of Australia.
In religion we will study the three holy days that lead up to Easter & why they are so significant in the church calendar. Our Family Life lessons will focus on sensing the world around us, new life & creation. 
Our reading story in Journeys this week is "Dogzilla", it is always a bit hit with my students. The students are also working on a written story that combines a fairytale concept with the "I Survived" book series. They have been tremendously creative so far.
The children need to read a book of their choice for a project that will be due April 7th, the printed report was sent home last week.
In science the children will understand how the earth relates to the moon and many other bodies in our solar system. We are using our workbook to reinforce new ideas presented. These pages will be used when it comes time to have a test on this topic.
Please have the children wear regular dress uniform on Fridays with sneakers, since we are attending mass for Lent.

Have a wonderul week,
Jeannine Curran

PS- Thank you to the parents that sent in hand sanitizer and tissues recently. 

Mon.- Media, Tues.- Music, Wed.- Art, Thurs.- Gym & Fri.- Gym

*If you are not going to take the bus and will be a walker, please provide a note, not an email. If you are going to be a walker or aftercare for the year, please provide a note.
*Be sure to bring a healthy snack and drink each day.

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