Mrs. Curran

Class 3~1 & Families,       
Students council will be collecting Toys for Tots, through December 14th.  This is one of the service projects St. Patrick's school is happy to participate in each year. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Our next book project will be due December 15th. The directions for completion are listed clearly, just click on Christmas report when looking at our calendar. Please help your child find a book to begin reading, it should be a winter or Christmas themed book. 

In math we will work on concepts of multiplication and division as they relate to each other. Some of the children still need to practice their multiplication facts 0-12. They are not allowed to use a multiplication table for quizzes, and those facts are necessary to understand division.

The children completed lessons about the Iroquois, Wampanoag, and the native people of the northeast region of our country. The next few days we'll study the Pilgrims, and Thanksgiving.
(*If everyone brings in modeling clay, the plan is to make model wigwams early this coming week.) 

We will continue the study of energy this week. We'll cover energy, forms of energy and how energy can change form. We have begun talking about sound, light, electrical, wind and water as forms of energy.

We'll cover the early church and Christianity this week, and complete a few activities based on the material. We will do a writing activity about gratitude for our faith, families, friends, & school.

Wednesday we will have mass for Thanksgiving as a school at 9am
and there is early dismissal. A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
~Mrs. Curran

If your child is staying for any after school activity, or going home in a different manner than normal I must have a written note from a parent.

Mon.-Media 9:07am, Tues.-Music 9:07am, Wed.-Art 9:49am,
Thurs.-PE 1:45pm, Fri.-PE 12:45pm.