Mrs. Curran


Our final week of third grade is here!

The children took home some books today. We kept religion, Journeys
and math at school to use this week. More supplies will be sent home the
early part of the week. 

Monday will be our family picnic day. If you are attending and your child
will leave with you when the picnic is over, please see me at our classroom
to sign them out before going outiside.  All children may dress down, they should
bring a large towel or small blanket to sit on. They either need money to purchase
lunch, or they should bring their snack, lunch and plenty of cold water. It 
sounds like its going to be a hot day. The children are allowed to bring outdoor 
toys, jump ropes, or balls to play with that day. 

Wednesday is our Moving-Up ceremony and end of year celebration. Parents are 
asked to arrive by 9am. The program and party will be in Canning Hall. The children 
are allowed to dress up that day if you choose. If you are going to take your child 
home afterward please sign them out before you leave. I look forward to seeing all 
of you on these special days this week. 

On Friday we will have our end of the year mass at 9am, the children will receive
awards right after. Report cards will be sent home with your child on Friday.  If you have any questions please email me. It has been a great year and your children have made huge strides. Thank you all for your help, understanding and support. 
Mrs. J. Curran

Homework is done for this school year!

-all birthday snacks sent in must be nut free products for the safety of all students in our classroom
- Mrs. Pellerito has directed me to discontinue the
snack for the student of the week 
-Reminder: as previously stated, all snacks must be store-bought,
individually wrapped, with ingredients listed

Mon.-Media 9:07 am, Tues.-Music 9:07 am, Wed.-Art 9:49 am, 
Thurs.-PE 1:45 pm, Fri.-PE 12:40 pm