Mrs. Curran

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"May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith."
~ St. Therese of Lisieux

Class 3-1 & families,
The coming week will be busy preparing for Catholic schools week.  The west wing has been turned into Dr. Seuss World this month, each child created their own "Seuss-like" animal and wrote about it. Our math lessons covering the topic of an area will continue slowly, pages due for homework will be listed under calendar. In reading, we will finish written material about our story on technology. Next, we will read and write about a story called "Tops & Bottoms".

In religion, we will do the chapter review on the Marks of the Church. Then we will complete a writing activity about what the children love about being in a Catholic School. Also, we'll begin studying topics of Catholic church teachings. In science, we will begin our study of plant life, how they grow and change. On Thursday we will also do a special lab that is part of our plant life studies.

Over the next five weeks or so, we will research the land of China. The children will learn about its people, geography, history, language, artwork, leaders, government, dynasties, flora, and modern life.

Catholic Schools Week begins next Sunday, the 28th. I hope many of you will join us for our 12:00 pm mass. (Come in uniform for a NUT pass to use on 2/5).The Open House for people interested in joining our school follows the mass. 

Mrs. Curran

Spelling Unit 15:
Blends & diagraphs (-ch/-ng/-sh/-th/-tch)

shook,  flash,  speech,  think,  strong,  cloth,  brook,  stitch
string,  scratch,  fresh,  spring,  switch,  stretch,  splash  
bonus: photosynthesis


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