Mrs. Curran

Class 3~1 & Families,          

This week we will continue working on multiplication concepts, as well
as division. It will take a while for the children to get proficient so please
be patient with them, and me. I am going to cover multiplication and
division concepts in a simple manner Monday and Tuesday to readdress
concepts covered. On Wednesday there will be a short quiz.

We will cover our third unit in spelling, complete written activities about the
most recent story we read. The children will also start working on paragraphs
that will build an essay, an autobiography.  

Our science lessons on force, position and motion will continue. In social studies we
will move on to discuss types of communities in the United States.

In religion we have been focused on the life of Jesus, and we will start to
write and discuss how we can live serving others.

Our special areas schedule is listed below for you to refer to.

October book projects will be due toward the end of the month. Please have your child 
begin reading a mystery, or "spooky"  chapter book. I'll send home the project information 
next week.

The children need to bring in a coffee can to use to make drums in music, please send 
one in when you are able, Mrs. Benkovsky needs them. During the school year
Mrs. Urso, our guidance counselor will come in five or six times, to deal with topics
about friendship, respect, and avoidance of bullying with the children.

 Have a wonderful week.
Mrs. Curran

Spelling words: (Short u) 
lunch, until, cover, buzz, become, stuff, nothing, dull,
month, study, love, uncle, cuff, none, under

If your child is staying for any after school activity, or going home in a different manner than normal I must have a written note from a parent.

Mon.-Media 9:07am, Tues.-Music 9:07am, Wed.-Art 9:49am,
Thurs.-PE 1:45pm, Fri.-PE 12:45pm.


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