Mrs. Kunzinger


So far, our first week of school has been fun! We have been learning the rules of our classroom and making new friends! We have played in the kitchen, with play doh, went out to the playground, and played with trains! We will continue to learn the rules and expectations of our classroom for the rest of this week. We have started learning about the seasons, days of the week, and the calendar. 

Next week we will start learning about apples. We will read apple stories, do fun apple projects, and some apple science! We might even have an apple tasting!! We will also start our Religion program and start learning about Jesus! 

If you have not sent in three wallet sized pictures of your child yet, please do so as quickly as possible. We use these pictures to identify our cubbies and mailboxes. We also need a family picture to hang on the wall. 

Please be sure that your child's name is on EVERYTHING including lunch boxes, jackets/sweatshirts, and school bags! We haven't been in school long enough for me to know what belongs to who. 

Please make sure your child is wearing shoes with a back- no flip flops please! We do try to go out to the playground every day and it is not safe for your child if they are wearing shoes without a back. 

On Thursday, September 28th, our school will be hosting an Early Childhood Ice Cream Social. It is from 6:30-7:30 pm and everyone in Nursery-Kindergarten is invited to attend. Bring  your child and their siblings. Come meet other parents in the school and have fun!

Mrs. Kunzinger 

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