Mrs. Kunzinger


We are continuing to work on following the rules of the classroom. We are having fun playing in all different centers, including play-doh, the kitchen, trains, and little people doll houses and animals!
We have started learning how to use the Smart Board! We play fun learning games like fuzz bugs and Monster Math. We also like to watch fun educational videos about the weather, letters, numbers and so much more! We have been saying our prayers every day and learning about God and Jesus. 

We have begun to practice singing our songs for the Christmas Show (you might be hearing some of them at home!). The Christmas Show will be December 20th at 9 am. The children are asked to please wear either a red, green, or white shirt, or a Christmas shirt or outfit. Please also send them in wearing a Santa hat WITH THEIR NAME WRITTEN IN IT. 

Please be sure that your child's name is on EVERYTHING including lunch boxes, jackets/sweatshirts, and school bags! 

Please make sure your child is wearing shoes with a back- no flip flops please! We do try to go out to the playground every day and it is not safe for your child if they are wearing shoes without a back. 

Mrs. Kunzinger