Mrs. Cronin



 Children are working very hard in Kindergarten. They are starting to read. To help them they must be reading every night for 15 min. Trips to the library will help them practice their reading nightly.



Week of April 23rd

Spotlight Words : he,no,away,by,most,there
Alpha Friend : Kk           

Word Family: est  best,nest,west,guest,test

Past Word Family 
Word Families: 
_at - bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, sat, pat, rat, vat, that, splat
_an - ban, can, Dan, fan, Jan, man, pan, ran, span, tan, van
_ap - cap, flap, gap, lap, map, nap, wrap, tap, sap, zap
_ag -bag,lag,nag, rag, tag, wag, sag
_ am - dam,ham ,ram, slam, Pam , Sam
- it - bit,fit,kit,skit,sit,pit,lit,zit
_in - bin,fin,tin,twin,pin,win
_ip - dip, flip, hip, lip, nip, ship, sip, skip, trip, zip
_ill - bill,fill,hill,still,Jill,till,will,pill
_ink  think,wink,drink,blink,stink,sink,think
_ut  cut, but,shut,nut,rut
_un, bun,fun,run,nun,gun,stun
_ug, bug,tug,rug,lug,slug,plug,mug
_ uck duck,buck,stuck truck,struck
_ ump  bump,jump,stump,thump,pump,grump
_ uck   puck,pluck,duck,truck,stuck
_ot  pot,rot, pot ,plot ,knot, not,
_op cop,top,pop,stop,hop
_ og bog,fog,frog,clog,jog, log
_ ock block,flock,stock,knock,rock
_ en Ben,men,ten,when,Jen,pen,then,Ken
_ et  bet,set,net,wet,get,vet,
_ est best,west,nest,test,guest

Math: Identify and Describe Shapes
How can two and three dimensional shapes be identified and described?

 Religion: Jesus Has Many Friends
Key Word: Church

Please remind children of the saying ,"Do to others as you would have them do to you."  We need a little reminding.

Please practice the Hail Mary and the Our Father. We are learning the Promise Prayer. All prayers you will find in the booklet that was given out at orientation.

Very Important to Review All Word Families.Spotlight words they are not having trouble remembering but the word family words they  are forgetting.

Dates to Remember:
April - 
           23 Spirit Day
           25 Spirit Day
           26th half day
May - 4 half day
           8 Spirit Day
           9 Mother's Day Tea starts at 9 will end by 10. If you are not able to make it send grandma,aunt or a good friend.
           10 we have school
           11 we have school
           16 Spirit Day
           18 Box Top Dress Down only
           28 School Closed
 June - 1 Half Day
            18  Kindergarten Celebration this is the last school day for Kindergarten. Celebration will begin  at 9:00 sharp. Children do not take bus to school this day. Children arrive by parents dressed up at 8:45. Celebration lasts about an hour and children will go home with parents.

Spirit day children wear gym uniforms to school.

Please Check School Website Daily for more important information.

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