Mrs. Cronin

It is starting to get very Chilly outside and we do go out for recess.The children need to wear school sweat shirt and or a jacket.

Week of March 27th
New Spotlight Word - said,good
New Word Family - en  Ben,ten,wren,Jen,den,hen
New Alpha Friend -Xx
we will now stay on an Alpha Friend for a week going over it's sound,writing it correctly and writing words that begin with the Alpha Friend.

Math : Topic 9 More Addition and Subtraction
           Decomposing Numbers (9=1+8,9=2+7,9=3+6 ect.)       

Religion - Lent
   key word - Spring

We continue to discuss how to treat others. We also review that we all have a loving,caring and kind Heart.

Please review nightly ALL spotlight words,word families and letters and their sounds. Children must read nightly for at least 15 min.

Dates to Remember:

April 6th is Our Easter Party we could use a few extra Hands. If you can help please contact Mrs.Giancola Thank You.
April 3-7 - is Book Fair we will attend on Thursday from 9:07 -9:47. If you are able to come up and help your child shop that would be wonderful.If not send money is a sealed envelope and we will help them.
April 13th - 21st - Easter Break
April 28th -  Dress Down for Box Tops
May 3rd - Half Day  Conformation

We will be attending 9:00 Mass every Friday during Lent.

Spotlight Words:
I,like,the,and,see,we,a,to,come,me,with,mu, you,what,are, now,is,how,find,this,will,be,go,for,make,play

Word Families:







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