Mrs. Cronin

Please review letters and sounds nightly. This week will conclude our review of the alphabet.  At this time children should be able to identify both upper case and lower case letters, their sound, and the proper writing of the letter. If your child is struggling with letter identification there are many ipad apps that can help.  
An example: 
ABC Pocket Phonics

Please read nightly with your child.

Week of November 20th


Spotlight Word :
Word Family: 
Alpha Friend : 

Past Word Family 
Word Families: 
_at - bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, sat, pat, rat, vat, that, splat
_an - ban, can, Dan, fan, Jan, man, pan, ran, span, tan, van
_ap - cap, flap, gap, lap, map, nap, wrap, tap, sap, zap
_ag -bag,lag,nag, rag, tag, wag, sag
_ am - dam,ham ,ram, slam, Pam , Sam
- it - bit,fit,kit,skit,sit,pit,lit,zit
_in - bin,fin,tin,twin,pin,win
_ip - dip, flip, hip, lip, nip, ship, sip, skip, trip, zip


Golden Rule

Please practice the Hail Mary and the Our Father. We are learning the Promise Prayer. All prayers you will find in the booklet that was given out at orientation.

Parents Next Week is a Review week. There is NO homework.We will review all word family words,spot light words and word families.

Thank you for sending in the pillow cases. Our Native American costumes are all ready for our Thanksgiving Feast here at school. We will send them home that day so the children will be able to wear them for their feast at home.

Dates to Remember:
Nov.23-24 - No School
Dec. 1st - half day
Dec.6th & 7th - Both half days for Report Cards. More info to come.
Dec.8th - No School
Dec.25th -29th - No School Christmas Vacation

Dec. 19th-  Our Kindergarten Christmas Party in Canning Hall. Parents are invited and younger siblings.Children will wear their green uniform pants and a plain Red shirt. More info to follow.I just wanted you to save the date.

We would like to wish everyone a very Blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy your family and friends.


Please Check School Website Daily for more important information.

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