Mrs. Bienz

Homework for this week is due Monday, January 8th.

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 It time for the annual Kindergarten  Snowman Making Project!

On Tuesday, January 9th at 9 am, kindergarten will be making their annual class snowmen. We are in need of some parents to help us. If you are available to help, please send us in a letter or e-mail us. ( / )

 On January 9th the kindergarten students can dress down in clothes that can get glue on them. Please wear sneakers. If you volunteer to help, please dress down as well.  Every child needs to send in plain white tissue paper (that you wrap gifts in) or send in a dollar marked “snowman project”.

Mrs. Bienz & Mrs. Cronin


Just a reminder 

Homework and Library Books
are both due on Thursdays.

Week of December 18th   :

Each week we will follow the same format.
Spotlight Word: with, my
Word Family: _un
Letter of the Week: Nn
Past Spotlight Words:I, like, see, and, the, we, a,come, me
Past Word Families:
_at - bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, sat, pat, rat, vat, that, splat
_an - ban, can, Dan, fan, Jan, man, pan, ran, span, tan, van
_ap - gap, lap, map, nap, sap, strap. slap, trap, tap 
_ag - bag, drag, flag, gag, nag, rag, sag, snag, tag, wag
_am - bam, ham, jam, Pam, ram, Sam, yam, 
_it - bi,fit, hit, kit, lit, knit, pit, sit, spit, slit,  
_in - bin, in, win, grin, chin, skin, shin, spin, thin, twin,
_ip - dip, flip, hip, lip, nip, ship, sip, skip, trip, zip
_ut - but, cut, hut, nut, rut, shut,

Math:Topic 6 Adding

Religion: Advent

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