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8th grade: I have uploaded a video for our food unit: CHURROS... :) I will be giving
the recipe tomorrow. It is under Churros, cocinando con Ingrid.

Reminder that 6th grade will be having their Valentine's Day Unit Test on Wednesday
the 5th, students will be given a study guide on Monday the 4th. Please make sure you
are reviewing the vocabulary words daily.
7th grade
Ave Maria Oral Assessment on Monday
Feb. 4th Students should be reviewing and should have been reviewing their prayer

7th Grade:

Happy New Year to all the Saint Patrick community! thank you so much to all my students, parents and fellow
teachers for all the love during the holiday season. i am so blessed to be working at such a wonderful school.
so grateful for all the generous gifts and most importantly for all the love given to me by all my kiddos.
thank you so much again and i am looking forward to an amazing 2019!!!

As we get closer to the end of Trimester 1, I would like to emphasize to both students and parents/guardians
the importance of organization. At the beginning of the school year, I kindly requested the clear slips for binder
because I knew they would be very much put to use throughout the year. A few times this trimester, I have come upon the need to stop a planned activity because students did not
have the required handouts, materials, etc which I believe could have been avoided if the handout could have been kept in the clear slips to prevent getting lost.
I have asked the students to please organize their binder as avoids papers getting lost, it makes the classes go smoother and keeps their binders nice and neat.
I have also told students that homework is due on the day that it is due and if your are not in class, but in school, you are responsible for getting the homework to me. Students have given their homework to classmates, have dropped it off in my classroom, have given to me when they
see me in the morning when in hallway duty so there is always a way to find me; therefore there is no reason to not have your homework handed in. I encourage my students to have open communication with me and they are welcome to also email me should the need arise. Dictionary entries are a way for students to expand their Spanish vocabulary and we work on this daily which is why their dictionary should be brought to class every day. Thank you for taking the time in reading this and please remember to check daily as homework and tests as well as projects are posted on my website.
I am working very hard to be the very best educator I can be and I tell the students it is a team effort, I am doing my part. I also need them to work hard by being prepared, by doing their homework, by completing projects but most importantly, by giving it their best shot.

Week of 10/29
Looking forward to another week. I remind you all to please check website daily for homework
and announcements. Please check calendar as I have posted new dates for upcoming
tests for all grades. These might be subject to change but for now, the dates posted are a
6th grade please keep practicing your nightly prayer
7th and 8th grade, please practice your Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory Be(8th grade only)
as I will be giving an oral assessment on these prayers soon.

Week of 10/15
There will be no dictionary entries for this week.
New unit has been started in 6-1, 6-2
We will wrap up unit in 7-1, 7-2 concluding with unit test this Friday the 19th
8th grade has been doing some reading...all in Spanish :) of children's books as well as animal
encyclopedias to expand their Spanish vocabulary. They have all been doing an amazing job.
We will begin a new unit next week
Good luck to all on your IOWA's.

10/1/18: Please check calendar, quizzes and tests have been posted.
Reminder: Please remember 6th and 7th grade have their Hispanic Heritage Month Projects
due Monday 10/01. Make sure the rubric is handed in as well as citation/bibliography (on separate
page) as per directions.
Also, dictionary entries are due.
Thank you for another great week of learning. We have come a long way in not even a month...
and we still have so much more fun learning to come.
Profesora Salazar
Check website daily for updates. Homework under Homework and Resources under...Resources

9/23 A reminder to all students to please have all supplies when coming to class. I have
told students to NOT bring books unless I tell them to, otherwise they are to bring their binder, and
dictionary which was on supply list. Last week, a large amount of students did not have
their dictionary for a various amount of reasons. I hope this does not happen again, or it will
result in a demerit for not being prepared. We will start a new activity in class daily which
requires the use of the dictionary so please have it on you daily unless advised.
I am looking forward to the Hispanic Heritage Day presentations by 8th graders this week as well
as the upcoming presentations by my 6th and 7th graders next week.
I am also pleased by the open communication on behalf of the students, I love seeing emails from
my students, reaching out, asking me questions, when they accomplished something, when they
have a question, keep them coming :)
Remember that extra help is available and we are in this together!
Looking forward to another week of learning!
Profe Salazar
Please note the banner for the Hispanic Heritage Famous Hispanic Project is found under Resources:
Notable Hispanic Project.

9/18 6th and 7th graders were given their HISPANIC HERITAGE DAY project, project is due
10/1/18. Students were given rubric, detailed description of project as well as banner (example
can be found under resources-Hispanic Heritage Famous Person)
I am looking forward to hearing about all the Hispanics who have contributed to our society.
8th graders-Country project is due the 24th of September.
We will be starting new units and I am very excited to now start months, days of the week
and numbers (1-30) to start; with my 6th graders.
7th Graders we will be doing the same as above, except we will continue working our numbers
up to 1000
8th graders, we will begin our Personal Identification unit and work the verb SER
Reminder-7th and 8th grade-Review Padre Nuestro y Ave Maria on the daily basis.

9/13-homework has been posted under Homework Please check this daily!
9/12/18: Today 6th and 7th worked on cognates and we discovered how much vocabulary we actually know!! :)
We did some drawing and worked in groups and had lots of fun along the way!!!
8th grade: We continued to review the verb TENER through music, we have been having class for the most part in Spanish and we have been analyzing the song "Tengo tu Love" which heavily utilizes the verb Tener.
The song has been uploaded and it can be found under Resources-Video Tengo tu Love

Happy Monday!
I have uploaded the Alphabet song, it is und
er resources: Alphabet song.
Quizlet is up for Greetings and Basics-Resources: Greetings Quizlet.
Please make sure you review and practice.
Take advantage of extra help as well.


Welcome to another exciting new year of learning Spanish!!! I am so happy to be back for a second year.  I am ready for a new adventure and I hope you are too.  You will find all the resources used in class under the RESOURCES tab.  Homework will be posted daily under HOMEWORK tab.  Quizzes, tests, projects, presentations etc will be posted in the calendar under the CALENDAR tab.  
Extra help schedule is as follows:
TUESDAY- 6th grade
WEDNESDAY-7th grade
THURSDAY-8th grade
FRIDAY-all grades
Time:  12:20-12:40

Please make sure you see me in advance for a pass.

Profesora Salazar

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, if you need the summer reading list, it is under Resources-summer project.
See you soon! :)

I would like to take a moment to say Thank you to all that made my first year at Saint Patrick so memorable.... to all my students, thank you for being so dedicated and giving it your all.  Thank you for never giving up on yourselves and knowing that giving it your best is the best gift you can give of yourself when you step in our classroom.  Thank you for the laughs and memories we created together and I wish you all an amazing summer.   Let's do this all again next year!
​Profesora Salazar

During these summer months, I know it will be a little tough to keep up with Spanish, I will be available to tutor any students entering High School, already in High School or if you simply want to keep it fresh in your mind and come in strong in the coming school year,...please reach out to me:
Muchas gracias :)

6/21/18 Incoming 7th and 6th graders:
I am listing a few websites which I encourage for you to visit and use to practice the 4 skills used to learn a new language-reading, listening, writing and speaking.  These are very interesting and current.  Keep a log of your work as I would like to for you share these with me. (great site to find the books and read)

​6/21/18  Incoming 8th graders:  Mrs. Weippert and myself will be collaborating on your summer reading project.  Please check the supply list for changes and Summer Reading Project for directions.  I have also uploaded the handout I distributed to both homerooms which lists all the books you may choose from for the project.  (Resources-Summer project)  
I am also listing a few websites which I encourage for you to visit and use to practice your 4 skills used in our classroom-reading, listening, writing and speaking.  These are very interesting and current.  Keep a log of your work as I would like to for you share these with me. (great site to find the books from reading list)

​6th grade was given back their last quiz today 6/21 (geography and nationalities quiz-this is the rubric:
0-1 wrong: 5
2-3 wrong: 4
4-5 wrong: 4
6-8 wrong: 3
9+ wrong: 1

Alt textI would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the students who kindly donated their unused and used school supplies.  I was able to collect 3 full boxes which I dropped off right after school.  I was informed that they were able to fill up a whole biggg truck of aid relief which will be headed to a port in New Jersey tomorrow.  It will depart to Guatemala on Wednesday at 10 AM and all the items will be personally delivered to the affected.  Know that what you did today will impact many lives so thank you to each and every one of you who contributed.   This was not even planned and look at what we were able to pull off.  This was from just cleaning out lockers and desks.  Remember, every small deed counts and goes a long way. 

6th Grade Unit test has been moved from 4/30 to 5/7. Please make sure you update this on your calendar.  I will make sure to give you a study guide and review accordingly.

4/18  6th graders:  I have uploaded our songs...
They are under resources. Los animales sounds song and Los pollitos dicen song.
I can't wait to hear you guys come into our classroom singing about our animales.
Have a great night estudiantes.
Profesora Salazar

4/11:  I have uploaded today's powerpoint under Resources:  7th grade weather powerpoint.  Please feel free to print or use as a reference or study guide.
Do not forget to make your weather booklet also as a study guide :)
Have a great night everyone

03/30/18:  Not happy with your topic?  Email me with your idea, and perhaps your topic is not taken and you can take it :)  PLEASE DO SO BY SUNDAY!!!!  Not doing project? Remember, it's optional; then please let me know as this topic can now be given to another classmate. Again, please let me know by SUNDAY 
Felices Pascuas a todos!

If you need to email me regarding project, please do so from personal email.  Remember to read directions carefully and to look at rubric.  Have fun and remember the focus is culture! :)  Take this project and run with it... and remember, it is completely optional.  

Felices Pascuas a todos!

I am so excited to see and read about all your cultura projects.  Please let me know what you come up with by tomorrow. I will not see my 7th graders tomorrow because we will be doing the Stations of the Cross.  Please stop by my room and let me know your final decision.  I also have your rubrics :)  I will also be doing hallway duty so you know where I am.
Project Due: 6-1 6-2:  04/09/2018 (Monday)
7-1 7-2  : 04/09/2018  (Monday)
8-1 8-2 04/10/2018 (Tuesday) Monday I know 8th grade has their retreat.

8th Grade-Due to Mass on Friday, we missed our Quiz but that quiz will be taken Monday 3/26/2018

I know that by now your binders must be overflowing with papers and information, but it is still extremely important to keep all of this information VERY ORGANIZED .  As you know by now, as this is our routine, I give a CULTURA DIARIA quiz which comes strictly from your daily notes.  Therefore, it is imperative to keep these notes separate (cultura) section of binder.  The quiz is only about 10 minutes long and it is open book.  You may separate your papers and keep them in folder but DO NOT THROW ANYTHING OUT.  Material from early in the school year may be kept at home but any grammar or notes need to stay in binder at all times.  Parents:  Please double check your student's binder and make sure that it is up to date and organized.  I appreciate your help in this matter.
Have a great weekend and thank you for making this; my first official Catholic Schools Week, such a memorable one.  :)

23 de enero...
We are now working on a new unit and the students are doing a fantastic job...
6th grade-Valentine's day unit- Students are learning basic vocabulary pertaining to Valentine's day and will also learn how it is celebrated in South America. We will compare and contrast using Reading Comprehension and use picture analysis.  They will further develop their ability to distinguish the right order in which adjectives and nouns are placed in Spanish when formulating sentences through free writing.
7th grade-Body parts and emotions-Students will interpret emotions through visuals and listening activities and furthermore; they will write sentences using the verb ESTAR which is used to express emotions and continue to use the verb TENER. We will also be learning body parts.  This vocabulary will be learned through various activities in which they will be able to label, identify, describe and even draw and finally put together in a project/task which will be discussed further along in the unit.
8th grade-Health and Body Parts-Students will focus on learning body parts as well as being able to use the verb "doler"-to hurt.  This along with the verb tener-"to have" which is used to express the fact that one has pain... to do this, we will focus on learning body parts through various activities before focusing on the grammar and culminating with a project/task which will be discussed in class.
I would like to reiterate that extra help is available and students are encouraged to please reach out to me should they be struggling.  My intent is for my students to be successful and move on to their next level fully confident in their ability to master whatever it is they want to accomplish!!  

I have uploaded the the video on body parts under Body Parts video
I have uploaded the V-day powerpoint-6th grade ( Resources:Dia de San Valentin PP)
7th grade-I have uploaded the funny Senor Paco emotions video :)
Profesora Salazar

17 de enero....
2018 is off to a great start! I am so impressed by the work that the students have created.  Their ability to apply their knowledge on to a comic strip, a "backpack" and colorful sentences shows me that each and everyone of these bright minds are capable of what of course I already determined, and ready they are to go outside of their box...these are young minds that are able to illustrate, show and verbally recall vocabulary in a language other than their own!!!! For that, I am soooo proud!!!!!
I remind you to please study for your unit tests, 6th graders: De que color es? (under resources)This video must be watched as well as the others to help you recall and practice your colors.  Keep using those flashcards to practice the vocabulary...."Three women selling fruit"
7th graders:  Great review session!! Practice your writing and conjugations and review your vocabulary.
8th graders:  Loved how great the turnout was for extra help!  Please remember that it is always there, don't just take advantage of it before a test, I am always here for you.  Keep practicing those prepositions in relation to classroom objects.  You guys are doing amazing!!!  Remember the dragon!!!  We will be cheering for you!! :)
Buena suerte,
Profesora Salazar

I am extremely overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of the St. Patrick family.  Thank you so much for all the beautiful cards, and gifts given to me by my students. I am truly appreciative of every single one of them.  Most of all, I am grateful to be here at this school and to have you as my students.  Looking forward to a successful and amazing 2018!

Questions have been posted under homework.
La Flor de Nochebuena

The Christmas song is up :) 

We will be working on our Christmas unit until our break.  However, I will be staying after school to help the students.  I will start with 8th grade.  Let's get a group together.  I will need parent notes authorizing their son/daughter to stay after for extra help.  I am glad to stay for an hour and help.  I will be staying Thursday DECEMBER 14th until 3:30. You may email me if you have any questions,

If you are having a hard time finding a Christmas song for your assingned country, search under : Villancicos for ....and type in your country.  (Villancicos is Spanish for Christmas Carol)  Do not forget to cite your work.  Type, double space. 12 Times New Roman.  Stay warm!!

It was such a pleasure to meet all the parents at the Parent-Teacher Conferences.  I hope I was able to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to reach out so that we may make this school year a successful one.

As December begins, we are ready to begin our unit on Navidad.  Students will learn vocabulary pertaining to the holiday season and advent as we await for the arrival of Jesus:.  We will be singing Christmas carols and writing letters to Santa and learning about Navidad in the Latin American culture.  
I am looking forward to meeting my students' parents and sharing our daily adventures in the classroom.  Thank you again for letting me take part in their daily lives.
Feliz Navidad!!!!

Thanksgiving Choice board is up  :)  (Resources)

Students have been learning about the meaning of "Thanksgiving" in our classroom.  El dia de accion de gracias, we have been learning about the food, and the story behind thanksgiving.  We are now working on our own mini-book.  
On a side note, I want to remind our students and parents that although homework is not given on a daily basis, it is still imperative to bring the work home to review and practice.  Flashcards of the vocabulary should be made to review, videos can be watched, music can be heard, free writing can be done.  We need to work on Spanish outside of the 40 minutes that we get in our classroom.  We do our daily prayer in class and as I listen to the students, I see how some still fail to complete the desired task and why they will be assessed again until we get  to our goal.  
Hope of all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving  Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias.....

I am so proud of my students.  They were able to learn and recite the Padre Nuestro (Our Father) which I know was not easy; however, they did it no problem.  To hear them made me so proud not only as a Catholic but as a Spanish teacher.  We have expanded our daily routine to two prayers and soon will add a  third when the students learn their Hail Mary.  Thank you for the support given to your children as we continue learning about different cultures and this amazing language.  More importantly, thank you for letting me be the one to contribute in their learning.
Profesora Salazar

Buenas noches,

How quick time flies, it has been a little over a month since school started, it feels like it was just yesterday.  In this short month, I have seen such an improvement in all the students.  6th graders that came in not knowing a single word of Spanish now stop me in the hallway singing the alphabet song (yes, still!) and now the mochila song,  my 7th graders can now count up to 999 and write them out too, (just ask them to write you a check!) :) and my 8th graders can describe themselves using adjectives and the verb SER (to be), I am aware that it can be quite challenging but they have met and surpassed my expectations...  I do ask and please remind all parents to talk to your students about still coming to seek extra help as needed, and to reach out to me.  I have advised all the students to avoid using GOOGLE TRANSLATE and any apps to translate work at all costs.  It defeats the purpose of the class and it has proven to not give accurate information!!!  Students need to do the work on their own and to investigate, research since they are given all the tools in the classroom.  Learning on their own to further what has been learned is one thing but literally taking a task and translating or asking others is not fair for the students or myself.  I have provided a link under resources which can be used as needed.
Looking forward to learning and sharing more of this amazing language and culture with all of you.
Buenas noches,
Profesora Salazar

Extra Help Schedule:
6th grade:  Mondays 12:20-12:40
7th grade:  Tuesdays  12:20-12:40
8th grade:  Wednesdays 12:20-12:40
All grades:  Fridays 12:20-12:40

I have encouraged all my students to come and see me for extra help, even if they feel they are confident in the topic at hand.  Others might feel to shy to voice their concerns in class, and can come see me privately, whatever the reason might be, I am there to help.  However, only a few have taken advantage of this extra help and I encourage parents and students to please use this resource as it is very beneficial and it is one on one, or in a small setting.  If you choose to come, please see me morning of, and I will give you a pass.
Profesora Salazar

Buenas noches,

As we prepare to start a new week, I want to wish all my students "buena suerte" on their IOWA's this week.  :)   I am looking forward to all the Hispanic Heritage Month projects and to my 6th and 7th graders, I have uploaded some activities for you to practice and review your numbers.  
Profesora Salazar

8th grade:  I have uploaded the SER music conjugation video.  Keep practicing those conjugations.  :0)

As we begin a new week, I am glad to see the progress we have been making in all of our classes.  One thing I will be emphasizing to all of them, especially the upper level classes and I will also respectfully ask parents is to please remind students: the importance of reading carefully, and following directions on a quiz or any assessment for that matter, especially when there is an example/model given.  I always tell them, "take your time, read everything over"...overall, I am so proud of the accomplishments, these are bright minds that can achieve everything they set their mind to....  
To my 7th graders:  Buena suerte a todos!!!!!

I have uploaded pdf file for our Hispanic Heritage Month Projects.  They are both under resources.  I am very excited to see these....

Happy Friday!!  Sorry I will miss you guys this weekend!  I will be visiting my son in college.  I have put in some information under resources and added an event to our calendar.  We had an amazing weekend of Spanish and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.  The students are building and developing a stronger vocabulary already and are able to identify days of the week, months of the year and we had a blast playing bingo... Spanish bingo that is.  :)

Feliz fin de semana!!

Students are to bring their textbooks and workbooks to class everyday, UNLESS advised by myself, otherwise it will count as being unprepared.  I told them at beginning that I didn't want them carrying book because we were not using it, but now we are using textbook and I have not told students NOT to bring so it is expected for them to bring to class.  

Parents and students:  Attached is a document which will also be displayed in our classroom for the rest of the school year.  Students, you already are familiar with this but it is just a reminder of our class rules and our procedures.   Also, there are a few students who have not brought in their signed class rules from their parents/guardians.  Please bring in as soon as possible.

Class newsletter1.docx



This has been our first full week of classes and I am so proud to say that I have already seen the ability and desire to learn Spanish in each and every one of the students.  I am sure they have been singing the abecedario/alfabeto at home, as well as working on their basic introductions and greetings.  These abilities to recall, memorize and spell tell me that we are well on our way to a successful school year.

We are still working on procedures, and class routines; which we went over on our first couple of days.  I will display these in the classroom to remind the students.  The students have been very cooperative and the ones who fail to follow procedure will begin to receive demerits as the procedures are being stated and are truly very simple and make the class go smooth and efficiently.  

Class rules are also being displayed for students to clearly see.  I have been very adamant about respect towards myself and others.  I will have zero tolerance for disrespect towards others, myself, shouting out, running around the classroom, being unprepared, as the syllabus states.  These actions will earn student a demerit. 

Have a good weekend,


Profesora Salazar


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